Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Siren For World Sport's Terry Baddoo

After nearly 16 years at CNN International, Terry Baddoo presented his final World Sport show on Thursday. During his final broadcast, Baddoo revealed some career highlights, which included his coverage of the 1998 World Cup.

Watch Baddoo's final sign-off, as well as a farewell from fellow World Sport anchor Pedro Pinto, in the video below.

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CNN Standing By Google Story

Google has dismissed a story published on that says the company plans to introduce facial recognition technology into an application. CNN says it is sticking by the story by tech writer Mark Milian, and has issued a statement defending the story.

CNN Press Note: On Thursday, March 31, Tech writer Mark Milian wrote a story about Google's plans to introduce facial recognition technology into an application. After the story was published, Google issued a statement suggesting the story was a fabrication. Here is CNN's statement in response to Google's accusation:

“Google’s claims do not fit the facts of the situation. This interview was prearranged – on the record – and staffed by a Google PR rep, who raised no objections at the time and did not deny what the engineer said. Additionally, we have an audio recording of the interview, as does Google. We stand firmly behind Mark’s reporting.”

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CNN's Royal Wedding Coverage

Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest and Kiran Chetry will anchor CNN's multi-platform coverage of the Royal Wedding of British Prince William and Kate Middleton. English DJ and television presenter Cat Deeley, will also join CNN as special correspondent and host on the day. The details from CNN are below.

CNN Press Release: CNN To Provide Global, Multi-Platform Coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Live from London, CNN will globally televise the biggest royal wedding event since Charles married Diana – from the ceremonial to the personal, from what is happening at Westminster Abbey to the reactions of those around the world.

On the day of the wedding, Friday, April 29, beginning at 4 a.m. ET, CNN’s special live program will be anchored by Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, Anderson Cooper, Kiran Chetry and special contributor Cat Deeley, noted British broadcaster and fashion expert, across CNN/U.S. and CNN International. CNN will live stream various angles of the day’s events on, including views from inside the Abbey as well as the parade, via the CNN Apps for iPhone and iPod touch, iPad and Android tablet.

Leading up to the big day, Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper will anchor their nightly programs from London. CNN will also broadcast a documentary on Catherine Middleton anchored by Soledad O’Brien, as well as weekly special reports from Richard Quest, among others. Highlights of CNN’s Royal Wedding coverage include:

• Premiering Saturday, April 2 at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET: Richard Quest will anchor four half hour specials throughout the month of April. A Royal Wedding will air Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

• Sunday, April 24 at 8 p.m., 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET: CNN/U.S. will premiere The Women Who Would be Queen, a look at the life of Catherine Middleton, the woman who will someday become Queen of the United Kingdom. Featured in the documentary are Jules Knight, close friend of the couple from the origins of their fairytale romance during their university days at St. Andrews, and Arthur Edwards, longtime royal photographer, who has chronicled the princes' entire lives during his 30-year career at England’s The Sun newspaper. Edwards has captured the princes’ childhoods, how they’ve coped with the tragic loss of their mother, and their transition into manhood. The documentary also explores the ways in which the future King and Queen have honored the life and legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales. CNN Presents: The Women Who Would be Queen is reported by anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien. The documentary will debut on CNN International on Saturday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET and replay on CNN/U.S. on Saturday, April 30 at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., and 2 a.m. ET.

• Monday, April 25 – Friday, April 29: Piers Morgan will broadcast his nightly show Piers Morgan Tonight at 9 p.m. ET from London with a mix of topical guests and newsmakers on both CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

• Monday, April 25 – Friday, April 29: Kiran Chetry will co-anchor American Morning 6-9 a.m. ET live from London for CNN/U.S.

• Wednesday, April 27 – Friday, April 29: Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360, also live from London, at 10 p.m. ET on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

Additionally, CNN International will feature live programming from location with Richard Quest for Quest Means Business and Connect the World with Becky Anderson, while HLN’s Brooke Anderson will co-anchor Showbiz Tonight from London. Glenda Umana and Marta Altoona will provide coverage for CNN en Español. John Sepulvedo will report from London for CNN Radio.

“Calling upon their years of interviews with the Royal Family, Piers and Richard will share their knowledge and insights across CNN. Along with CNN’s user-generated community of iReporters, CNN is uniquely positioned to share a first-hand account of the Royal Wedding across our networks and platforms,” said Tony Maddox, executive vice president and managing director of newsgathering for CNN Worldwide.

For those away from the TV screen, CNN has launched The Wedding Planner, a special section at that includes explainers, profiles, photo galleries, on-demand video from CNN’s reporting on the topic, and exclusive content from CNN’s royal reporting team. Additionally, CNN has launched Unveiled, a blog covering all the chatty details that St. James’ palace isn’t commenting on – from the great dress mystery to the official iTunes release of the wedding vows, available at

CNN iReport, the network’s participatory news community which has received a submission from every country on the planet, will contribute to CNN’s coverage of the pending nuptials in a wide variety of ways, including:

· Royal Wedding iReporter Contest: On April 11, CNN will announce the name of one lucky U.S.-based iReporter that will be sent to London to cover the wedding. iReporters can go to, to submit a 90-second video explaining why they should be chosen;

· Royal Wedding assignments – Beginning on April 22, iReport also will invite people to share their experience and take the visual pulse of the audience through a series of lighthearted and fun assignments, such as calls for photos or videos of a proper English breakfast, fashionably over-the-top hats and instant reaction to the bride’s wedding dress; and

· CNN iReport Open Story: Royal Wedding – Also on April 22, CNN will reveal its Royal Wedding-themed iReport Open Story, which feature select photos and videos from iReporters and CNN journalists, placed along an interactive timeline and map to paint a comprehensive picture of the event through the eyes of the many people who experience it.

Facebook users also can stay informed of all aspects of CNN’s coverage leading up to and during the event via the CNN Royal Wedding fan page at

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CNNI Programming Boss: Viewers Want "Connectedness, They Want To Feel, They Want Passion, Emotion, Humanity"

Katherine Green, CNN International's Senior Vice President of Programming, spoke at an annual television conference in Sydney last night.

Appearing on the panel exploring international trends in programming, Ms. Green offered a snapshot of some of the ways the network has been reacting to the new global news consumer.

Below is an excerpt of Katherine Green's speech to the ASTRA 2011 Conference.

In three years at CNN, we have spent a lot of time studying a new kind of consumer. We have discovered a globally minded, very autonomous and intelligent and extraordinarily curious person who is trying to consume information. I saw some ratings out of Australia and saw the news still makes it into the top 10 on a weekly basis. It is a reflection that consumers want to be informed. They are thirsting for knowledge and understanding. What we're beginning to do as we watch the ebb and flow in ratings is tell us that we need to change our programming. They are challenging us to do that.

There has been an emphasis from our viewers, they want intelligent rather than sensational. They want depth and context rather than brevity and speed. They are asking for perspective, and want separate perspectives, there are so many different ways that you can see a story. If you are in the Western world, you may see it one way, and the Eastern world, you may see at another. The viewers have recognised that and are asking us to give as many perspectives as possible. Because they are autonomous in thought and want to come to their own conclusions from that.

The result is, we have been working on involving the programming, which is no easy thing to do. They want connectedness, they want to feel, they want passion, emotion, humanity. When news is presented, they are looking for those things in it so they have a connection with things happening around them. The straightforward presentation of fact, you can get online. What TV does is make it visual, visceral, and emotional. You can tap into it, feel it. When you add digital abilities, it becomes interactive. We will have to converge technologies and create a world in which TV and Internet are complimentary, instead of separate platforms working apart.

There is a new kind of programming playing for the consumer. It is experiential. When you see a government being overthrown by protesters, organised through social media, playing out in your living room, the revolution taking place, it is an experience you are having unlike any other. When you add in the number of people who can take video clips, photos, and send it into a news agency and allow us to show their experiences to you, you have an even greater experience. Every single time I see the video of the tsunami rolling across Japan, and know that I watched it happen live. I stood there and watched it. At that moment, I shared a human response. Oh my gosh, what is happening? Somebody explain this to me.

We are seeing viewers asking us for that opportunity, to have this profound experiences, those connections coming from profound experiences. So what is CNN's role in all of this? We have to make sense of it. When you have that moment, watching it play out on television, we have tried to transport you there as best we can. You need to know what is happening. What does it mean? What thoughts should I be having? Our job is to take the core values we have had for years - trust, value, integrity - and we cannot dumb-down the message, we have to be intelligent and transparent.

You can read the full transcript of Ms. Green's speech in a PDF available from the conference website here.

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'News Stream' Explores China's Online Society In Special Series

CNN International's News Stream has been dedicating time this week to exploring the power of the internet in China. The special series continues today, Thursday and Friday.

CNN Press Release:

As the show marks its 100th episode, CNN's technology-powered news program News Stream investigates the impact of the Internet on Chinese society in a week of special coverage, featuring in-depth reports, interviews and analysis.

China has more Internet users than the entire population of the United States: A staggering 450 million people. But who are they, what interests them most and what sites do they visit ? Host Kristie Lu Stout looks beyond the numbers to find out how this massive group are spending their time online.

Kristie also looks at Sina Weibo, China's version of twitter. The microblogging service is fast approaching 100 million users despite only launching in 2009. Kristie explains the differences between the two services and looks at how Sina Weibo has become one of the leaders in social media.

The special coverage continues as Beijing-based correspondent Eunice Yoon features two of China's most popular websites - Baidu and Taobao. She follows a 29-year-old engineer who works at Baidu to find out how the search engine has transformed itself into one of the biggest names on the Internet. She also looks at the success story behind Taobao, China's biggest online retailer, which sells an average 48,000 items per minute and has more than 370 million users.

While China has the world's most active Internet users, online censorship is among the most stringent anywhere. News Stream shows how the 'Great Firewall' impacts online life and what people do to get around it.

And there's more on News Stream's website, including an interview with noted blogger and activist Isaac Mao.

This special series on News Stream airs at 8pm Hong Kong time (1200 GMT) this week.

About News Stream

Airs weeknights Monday to Friday at 2000HKT (1200 GMT)
Duration: 1 hour
News Stream is a one-hour live news program powered by the smart use of technology. Anchored from CNN Hong Kong by Kristie Lu Stout, News Stream uses visualization tools, riveting imagery and social media to enhance our view of today's most pressing issues.


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Ladies Week On HLN's Joy Behar Show

Next week, The Joy Behar Show will celebrate all things female with a week dedicated to some of the best known women in the country.

HLN Press Release: IT’S LADIES WEEK ON HLN’s THE JOY BEHAR SHOW. Week of April 4, Boasts a Roster of Power Women and Catty Conversations


STAR JONES—lawyer and star of “Celebrity Apprentice”—reunites with former “View” co-host to dish “Celebrity Apprentice” and what she’s doing now.

KATE GOSSELIN—TLC reality star—will discuss her newest “Kate Plus 8”special and provide her take on the new “Dancing with the Stars” cast. Joy will also ask Kate the latest on the kids, and where she stands with Jon.


SHERRI SHEPHERD—co-host of “The View” and host of the “Newlywed Game”—will chat life, love and newlyweds with Joy.


BARBARA EDEN—actress and author of “Jeannie Out of the Bottle”—will candidly talk her life, career and revelations unveiled in her book.


CAROLINE KENNEDY—author and attorney—will discuss her newest book of poems aimed at women, “She Walks in Beauty,” hot political topics and family.


EVA LONGORIA—actress—will serve up details on her new book, “Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends,” as well as bouncing back from divorce and her life now.

The Joy Behar Show airs on HLN at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) weeknights.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CNN's March Numbers

CNN has released their March numbers, as well as ratings figures for the first quarted of 2011. CNN's notes are below.



‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Has Most Growth of Any Cable News Program this Quarter; Increasing 52% in the Demo 25-54 vs. a year Ago Programming; Also Tops Rachel Maddow in the Demo


For the first quarter 2011, CNN outperformed MSNBC in the key demo among adults 25-54 in M-F primetime for the first time in six quarters (Q3 2009), averaging 276k vs. 269k. In M-F primetime, CNN grew +28% compared to Q1 2010, while MSNBC’s growth was much less substantial (+9%) and Fox News actually lost -21% of its primetime audience during the quarter.


CNN topped MSNBC in total day (6a-6a) in both the key demo and among total viewers with CNN averaging 190k adults 25-54, a 24% advantage over MSNBC’s 153k, and had 548k total viewers, 20% more than MSNBC’s 456k. CNN grew +28% in the key demo compared to first quarter a year ago, while MSNBC was up only +12% Fox News was down -18%.

During dayside programming (9a– 5p) CNN Newsroom easily outperformed MSNBC each hour, with MSNBC placing either 3rd or 4th throughout the day during the first quarter. For the quarter among adults 25-54, CNN averaged 181k vs. MSNBC’s 83k and in total viewers, CNN posted 601k vs. MSNBC’s 347k. In addition, CNN increased +30% in the demo during the daytime, while MSNBC increased +12% and FNC was down -20%.


CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight grew the most of any cable news program this quarter, increasing 52% in the key demo compared to CNN programming a year ago (308k vs. 202k). In total viewers, Morgan is also up +23%, Maddow increased +15% and Hannity is down -20% vs. Q1 2010. In addition, Morgan topped MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the key demo (308k vs. 297k) for the quarter.

CNN’s AC 360 outperformed MSNBC at 10p in both the demo (318k vs. 241k) and total viewers (859k vs. 789k) – with AC 360 growing +40% in the demo while MSNBC increased +22% and FNC was down -28% compared to a year ago.

CNN’s 8 pm program was the only show to grow in the key demo compared to last quarter, increasing +14% (202k vs. 177k), while MSNBC declined -6% (248k vs. 263k) and The O’Reilly Factor lost -18% of its 25-54 audience (770k vs. 937k).

John King, USA at 7 pm bested MSNBC’s Hardball for the quarter in the key demo (201k vs. 193k) and grew +16% compared to a year ago.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer also topped MSNBC at 6 pm, increasing its demo audience by +38% (215k vs. 156k) and growing its total viewer audience by +10% (677k vs. 618k) vs. first quarter 2010. And at 5 pm, the Sit Room also topped MSNBC and increased +38% in the demo/+10% in total viewers, while FNC’s Glenn Beck lost -38% of its demo 25-54 audience (481k vs. 776k) this quarter vs. a year ago and is down -31% in total viewers (1.980m vs. 2.851m).


CNN reached a cumulative Q1 2011 average monthly audience of 103.9 million, Fox News followed with 86.6 million and MSNBC trailed with 83.2 million.



CNN Overtakes MSNBC in Primetime for the First Time in 14 Months;

CNN Records Triple-Digit Growth in Primetime and Total Day; while MSNBC Loses Viewers at 8 pm and FNC Loses Viewers in Primetime in vs. a Year Ago

In March, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 was the #1 cable news program at 10 pm in the key demo adults 25-54, overtaking FNC’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren for the first time in 26 months (January, 2009). For the month, AC 360 averaged 496k among adults 25-54, while FNC slipped into second place with 480k and MSNBC’s The Ed Show was a distant third with 266k. Compared to a year ago, the CNN 10 pm program had significant growth, increasing +153% in the key demo (496k vs. 196k) and +66% in total viewers (1.165m vs. 702k). During the heightened news cycle, FNC actually lost viewers at 10 pm, decreasing -13% in the demo (480k vs. 552k) and losing -16% in total viewers (1.802m vs. 2.154m) vs. a year ago.


CNN surpassed MSNBC in M-F primetime for the first time in 14 months (January 2010), averaging 393k in the demo, a 40% advantage over MSNBC’s 280k. CNN also topped MSNBC in total viewers in M-F primetime with 1.013m vs. 992k total viewers. Compared to last year, CNN grew by triple digits in M-F prime, increasing +126% (393k vs. 174k) in the demo and +56% in total viewers (1.013k vs. 648k), while Fox News lost -11% of their demo primetime audience (629k vs. 705k) and was down -13% in total viewers (2.398m vs. 2.751m). MSNBC grew only slightly in primetime during the news-fueled month, increasing +12% in the key demo (280k vs. 250k) and just +8% in total viewers (992k vs. 921k) vs. a year ago.

CNN’s 9 pm program Piers Morgan Tonight outperformed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show in the demo (380k vs. 338k) in March, growing an impressive +118% vs. CNN programming a year ago and significantly more than Maddow’s increase of +24%, while FNC’s Hannity lost -4% of his demo 25-54 audience. This represents the first time in 14 months that CNN topped Maddow. At 8 pm, In the Arena topped MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (308k vs. 246k) for the month in the demo – this is the first time that CNN has topped MSNBC at 8 pm in over three years (February, 2008). In addition, In the Arena was the only cable news network to grow vs. a year ago at 8 pm – in both the demo and total viewers, increasing +103% in the demo/+51% in total viewers, while Lawrence O’Donnell was down -7%/-9% and The O’Reilly Factor decreased -13%/-11%.


At 7 pm, John King, USA easily topped MSNBC’s Hardball in both total viewers (850k vs. 722k) and in the demo 25-54 (315k vs. 207k), growing +132% in adults 25-54 and +64% in total viewers vs. a year ago. This represents JK, USA’s best month since launching a year ago among both total viewers and the demo.

CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at 5 pm also topped MSNBC, increasing +162% in the demo (306k vs. 117k) and +80% in total viewers (972k vs. 539k) compared to last year. FNC’s Glenn Beck continues to experience declines at 5 pm – decreasing 33% in the key demo (514k vs. 763k) and losing one quarter (-25%) of his total viewer audience (2.061m vs. 2.748m) compared to March, 2010. In addition, the Situation Room at 6 pm grew +157% in the demo (332k vs. 129k) and +82% in total viewers (932k vs. 513k).

On Sundays, State of the Union with Candy Crowley at 9 am grew +105% in the key demo (287k vs. 140k) and by +48% in total viewers (711k vs. 479k), and Fareed Zakaria: GPS at 10 am increased +103% in the demo (240k vs. 118k) and +60% in total viewers (597k vs. 372k) vs. last March.


In total day (6 am-6 am), CNN also had the most growth of all the cable news networks vs. a year ago, increasing +125% in the key demo 25-54 (295k vs. 131k), while MSNBC grew only +20% (159k vs. 133k) and Fox News was down by -2% (345k vs. 353k). In total viewers, CNN was up +67% (766k vs. 459k), MSNBC grew +16% (463k vs. 400k) and FNC decreased -4% (1.234m vs. 1.289m).


CNN’s American Morning placed second for the month of March in both total viewers (473k) and the demo 25-54 (224k), with MSNBC’s Morning Joe slipping to 3rd in total viewers (445k) and dropping to 4th place in the demo (136k).

During dayside programming, CNN Newsroom topped MSNBC each hour (9am-5pm) in both the key demo 25-54 and among total viewers. At 12 noon, CNN Newsroom was #1, topping both Fox News and MSNBC in the demo with 254k vs. 238k/105k respectively. At 3 pm, CNN Newsroom also easily topped MSNBC’s Martin Bashir -- 262k vs. 89k in the key demo 25-54. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming CNN almost tripled MSNBC in the key demo (261k vs. 92k) and held a 123% advantage among total viewers (793k vs. 356k).


CNN reached a cumulative audience of 114.6 million viewers in March, FNC lagged behind with 89.4 million and MSNBC averaged 84.8 million.

CNN DIGITAL: Sets Global traffic, video and mobile usage records in March.

Traffic: served 67 million global page views on Sat., March 12th, making it the highest weekend day (Sat. or Sun.) in’s history. averaged 75 million page views per day, an increase of 66% over last March from Friday, March 11-Sun., March 20.

In March to date, has averaged 60 million page views per day, a double-digit increase over Feb. by 25% and over March 2010 by 34%.

Video: served 60 million global video starts on Friday, March 11, the highest level of video usage for a single day in’s history (prior high: Obama inauguration).

During the first week of Japan coverage, served more than 134 million global video starts, more than the previous 43 days combined.


CNN’s mobile site achieved 13.9 million page views globally on Fri., March 11, the highest single day to date since tracking began in May 2010.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Observations - week ending March 26, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- CNN announces the Margaret Moth Masters Fellowship.

- Audio problems plagued a headlines update on CNN International on Thursday. In this video you can hear that Michael Holmes' microphone is not turned on. Instead, we hear audio from another microphone of someone who is typing. You then hear Richard Quest (who had just finished his program, Quest Means Business) ask "why" shortly before vision cuts back to him in London where he does the headline update.

- The Daily Show takes a look at this week's on air "fued" between Nic Robertson and Fox News Channel.

- CNN's Soledad O'Brien chronicles the fight over a mosque's construction in the heart of the Bible Belt in a new documentary, Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door. The program screens at 8p and 11p (eastern) tonight on CNN Domestic. Watch the trailer here.

- Variety's Brian Lowry writes that CNN's success during times of crisis isn't a very good business model. (via ICN)

- Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown has some pretty harsh words for Eliot Spitzer and Anderson Cooper, as well as cable news in general. Read the interview with TV Newser here.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nic Robertson Fires Back At Fox

CNN's senior international correspondent Nic Robertson has addressed allegations made by Fox News that reporters working in Libya were used by Gadhafi's forces as a human shields on Monday.

The story, also reported by Sky News in Britain, alleges that coalition forces had to call off missile strikes against Gadhafi's compound after the regime took a party of journalists - including Nic Robertson - to tour a series of buildings that were partially destroyed by airstrikes earlier in the evening.

Watch Nic Robertson and his spirited response in the video below.

Related: CNN correspondent rejects Fox report on human shields

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Observations - week ending March 19, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- Congratulations to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips and former American Morning co-anchor John Roberts on the birth of twins.

- Mediaite has an interview between CNN International Anchor Fionnuala Sweeney and Libya scholar Ronald Bruce St. John they call "most incomprehensible". Check out their video to see why.

- New graphics coming to Reliable Sources soon.

- A new video feature for was announced and demonstrated earlier this week at the annual South X South West conference. Read the details here.

- A Mumbai news website talks to Ellana Lee, managing editor of CNN International, Asia Pacific.

- CNN en Español marked their 14th anniversary on air earlier this week. (in Spanish)

- Larry King, who walked away from his nightly CNN show in December last year, is reportedly considering a regular gig with Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show'.

- "CNN Leads Across EMEA" says Synovate's Inaugural Multi-regional Data Release.

- Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik is a big fan of CNN Domestic and CNN International joining together for joint broadcasts of major news events.

- CNN scores a rare primetime ratings win.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

CNN Overnight Programming Schedule

CNN - CNN-US will go live Saturday night into Sunday morning, pre-empting replays in the overnight hours.

8pE CNN Newsroom live with Don Lemon

9pE The Situation Room live with Wolf Blitzer

10p-12aE CNN Newsroom live with Don Lemon

12a-6amE CNNUS will simulcast CNN International live

6am-9amE CNNUS/CNNI will simulcast together

9amE State of the Union live/CNNI will simulcast State of the Union

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Announces New Lead Homepage Editor

CNN has announced a new hire for the network's website. Tenny Tatusian is joining CNN's web division as lead homepage editor.

CNN Press Release: On the heels of CNN’s presentation on what’s next for CNN Digital last night, VP and managing editor of Meredith Artley has announced that Tenny Tatusian is joining the site as the lead homepage editor. Tatusian will be in charge of the overall messaging and tone for one the most-trafficked home pages on the web.

Tatusian joins from the LA Times, where she was most recently associate editor for She joins a handful of other recent hires in 2010:

- Bryan Monroe, editor of
- Amy Cox, World editor (launched Freedom Project blog last week)
- Amar Bakshi, World producer (launched Global Public Square last week)
- Dan Gilgoff, Religion editor responsible for Belief Blog
- Kristi Keck Ramsay, Weekend editor

And we’re just getting started!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Philippe Cousteau to host CNN's Going Green series

March 14, 2011 – CNN International announced today that environmentalist Philippe Cousteau will be the network’s host and special correspondent for the successful Going Green specials during 2011. With the network’s promise to take viewers beyond borders to deliver intelligent programming for an interconnected world, the partnership reaffirms CNN’s commitment to report environmental stories that are changing our planet.

"We're delighted that Philippe has accepted our invitation to participate in the series of programming for a second year. I am struck by his dedication to the environment. It is truly his passion, and his extensive work on green issues makes him a strong voice in the fight towards worldwide conservation. His contribution to our programming will undoubtedly strengthen our already successful franchise of Going Green,” said Katherine Green, senior vice president and general manager for CNN International.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Muslims in America: O’Brien Reports on Religious Tension in the Bible Belt

CNN - ‘Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door’ airs Sunday, Mar. 27 at 8:00pm ET & PT

From New York to California, since Sept. 11, 2001, fears of radical Islam, terrorism, and “Sharia law” have fueled opposition against mosque projects and launched a national debate around religious freedom protections. Murfreesboro, Tenn. has just over 100,000 people, 140+ churches, and one mosque. For decades, Muslims have lived and prayed in Murfreesboro without incident, yet in June 2010, when the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro sought county approval to build a new 53,000 square foot Islamic center to include a school, a gym, a cemetery, and a mosque – construction plans were met with some support from residents (Muslim and non-Muslim), but also with suspicion and street protests, and even national attention when televangelist Pat Robertson voiced his opposition to the proposal.

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Latest CNN Digital traffic numbers following Friday's earthquake in Japan

CNN - Following Friday’s earthquake in Japan, people around the world have sought the latest news and information – be they stories of tragedy or triumph – from CNN across all of its platforms, including the network’s presence on social networks. In fact, the network’s breaking news account on Twitter, @CNNBrk, just this morning exceeded four million followers. And that number continues to rise at a rate ten times greater than the average. also has seen extremely high traffic increases since Friday. Between Friday, March 11 and Sunday, March 13, has served 264 million global page views and 87 million global video streams. More video was watched in those three days than it had in total for the prior 30 days. (Source: Omniture Global)

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Bohrman named SVP & chief innovation officer for CNN Worldwide

In an internal memo to CNN staffers, network president Jim Walton announces a change at the top of the Washington DC Bureau. CNN's DC Bureau Chief and head of Special Events, David Borman, will assume a new role as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the network, reporting directly to Walton.

Walton's memo after the jump.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

UPDATED: CNN International Unveils New Look

(UPDATED with new caps and video example) -- CNN International today unveiled a new on screen look. Along with new lower thirds, the network now uses a logo that had been used in promos.

The first tweak came within the first 60 minutes of the new package going live. The CNN International logo was moved a little more to the right. You might be able to see the difference between some of the earlier and later screen captures.

The new lower thirds package has received positive reaction from members on the forum. More screen captures and a short video example can be found after the jump.

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CNN's Audience Jumps With Japan Coverage

CNN is noting its strong numbers for coverage of the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami.

CNN Press Release: Nielsen national numbers for Friday, March 11.

– Total day (3a-3a), CNN delivered an average of 2.276 million P2+ viewers and 1.008 million P25-54 viewers. FNC had 2.096 million/659k and MSNBC delivered 558k/199k.

– Prime (8p-11p), CNN delivered 2.651 million P2+ viewers and 1.166 million P25-54 viewers. FNC delivered 2.727 million/757k and MSNBC 931k/331k.

– CNN’s Friday coverage peaked during the 11a hour of CNN Newsroom with 3.626 million P2+ viewers and 1.517 million P25-54 viewers.

– On Friday: CNN’s total day delivery was up 405% over 2011 YTD in P2+ (2.276 million vs. 451k) and up 600% in P25-54 (1.008 million vs. 144k).

– On Friday: CNN’s prime delivery was up 268% over 2011 YTD in P2+ (2.651 million vs. 721k) and up 421% in P25-54 (1.166 million vs. 224k).


3a-3a 1008 659 199
8p-11p 1166 757 331
6a-9a 760 768 145
9a-5p 1210 771 184

5p-8p 1269 839 196


3a-3a 2276 2096 588
8p-11p 2651 2727 931
6a-9a 1510 2005 510
9a-5p 2973 2610 627
5p-8p 2948 3031 707

Online, has been setting new records.

CNN Press Release: video and mobile traffic during the tragedy of the aftermath of the Japan earthquake on Friday. Unique Users were highest on record outside of election.

Friday’s 60mm global video starts were 5 times higher than the previous record of 12mm the day after Obama’s election 11/5/08. (Based on history from mid-2007 forward.) Global: 60,058,989 Video Starts (Highest on record for Global)

Below are top five video days in video starts for (Historical record goes back to 2007.)

Rank [date]
Domestic Video Starts
International Video Starts
Global Video Starts

Japan Tsunami

Day after Obama Election

Chilean Miners Rescue

Hawaii Tsunami Warning

Obama Inauguration

Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst

Friday’s 20mm domestic daily uniques ranks 3rd for all days on record (since mid-2007), behind Obama election day 11/4/08 (26.6mm) and the day after the election 11/5/08 (20.8mm).

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Weekly Observations - week ending March 12, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- Mediaite reports on CNN fan-favorite Rosemary Church and her recent Japan breaking news coverage.

- Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson blogs about a frightening encounter between the CNN crew and pro-Gadhafi men in Libya.

- The New York Times details more of the recent changes at CNN en Español. (via ICN)

- American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry speaks out about women in media and whether she'd like to step behind the CBS newsdesk, should Katie Couric walk once her contract is up.

- Wolf Blitzer is heading to Europe & the Middle East with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

- Sad news to report: former CNN sport anchor Nick Charles is dying from cancer.

- New features to are to be unveiled this week at the South X South West conference, according to this little tease on twitter from a CNN Assignment Editor.

- Martin Savidge returns to CNN fulltime.


Friday, March 11, 2011

CNN's Japan Earthquake Coverage For Saturday

CNN Domestic and CNN International will this weekend simulcast rolling coverage of the aftermath of this morning's major earthquake in Japan. The lineup for Saturday, as advised by CNN, is below. All times US eastern.

6am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Andrew Stevens & Randi Kaye
7am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Andrew Stevens & Randi Kaye
8am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Andrew Stevens & Randi Kaye
9am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster -- anchors: Becky Anderson & Randi Kaye
10am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster -- anchors: Becky Anderson & Randi Kaye
11am - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Becky Anderson & Fredricka Whitfield
12pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: John Vause & Fredricka Whitfield
1pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: John Vause & Fredricka Whitfield
2pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: John Vause & Fredricka Whitfield
3pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: John Vause & Fredricka Whitfield
4pm - CNN NewsRoom – Fredrikca Whitfield [sic] anchors
5pm - CNN NewsRoom -- Don Lemon anchors
6pm - Quake Tsunami Disaster – Situation Room Special – Wolf Blitzer anchors
7pm - Quake Tsunami Disaster – Situation Room Special – Wolf Blitzer anchors
8pm - Quake Tsunami Disaster – Situation Room Special – Wolf Blitzer anchors
9pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Don Lemon & John Vause
10pm - Special Coverage: Quake Tsunami Disaster – anchors: Don Lemon & John Vause


2am (Daylight Savings Time)

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Janet Rollé Joins CNN Worldwide

CNN Press Release: Janet Rollé Named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for CNN Worldwide

Janet Rollé, who has led marketing strategy and execution for leading media brands at BET, MTV Networks and HBO, will join CNN Worldwide as executive vice president and chief marketing officer, it was announced today by Jim Walton, president of CNN Worldwide. Rollé, who will report directly to Walton, will be based in New York.

Rollé is joining CNN from BET Networks, where as executive vice president and chief marketing officer she led brand strategy and marketing efforts, including on-air promotions, off-channel and digital marketing, affiliate and trade marketing. She directed a redesign of the BET network on air, and comprehensive, multi-platform marketing campaigns for the brand’s signature successes, including BET’s history-making scripted series THE GAME, The BET Honors and the BET Awards, for which BET received multiple Promax/BDA Awards. Advertising Age magazine named her one of “10 Who Made Their Mark” in 2010 for her noteworthy brand development work at BET.

"Janet has a deep understanding of and experience with brands that have profound relevance and resonance for consumers," said Walton. "She understands the power and potential of branding for multiple platforms, and she brings a fresh perspective to our continuing conversation with our audience. I look forward to her contributions on behalf of CNN."

"I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the stellar CNN team at this important time in the evolution of this venerable and venerated brand,” said Rollé. “I hope that my contributions will lead us to even greater success, as we embrace the challenges and opportunities to serve our vast audiences around the world with news and information relevant to their lives that will meaningfully shape their perceptions of our world."

Before joining BET Networks, Rollé worked at AOL as Vice President and General Manger of AOL Black Voices and AOL Women’s and Lifestyle Programming from 2005-2007. In this role, she oversaw editorial programming for AOL Black Voices and the 10 websites in the lifestyle category.

From 2000-2005, Rollé worked at MTV Networks as the vice president of programming enterprises and business development for VH1 and CMT. She began her business career at HBO, where she spent nearly 10 years, eventually rising to Director of Marketing and New Media for HBO Home Video.

Rollé earned her MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business, where she was the President of the Black Business Students Association. She received her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the State University of New York at Purchase. She serves on the Board of Directors of the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies and on the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors of the United States Tennis Association.

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CNN's Continuing Coverage Of Japan Earthquake, Pacific Tsunami

CNN continues breaking news coverage of the earthquake in Japan. The network has advised of their current deployments and coverage plans for the rest of Friday.

CNN Press Release: An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan on Friday, triggering tsunamis and sending a massive body of water filled with debris that included boats and houses inching toward highways. A tsunami in the Pacific was moving closer to other shorelines in other countries like Hawaii and Guam, said CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera.

CNN's Tokyo-based correspondent Kyung Lah (@KyungLahCNN) has been covering this story since it broke in the 1aET hour. CNN's Seoul-based correspondent Paula Hancocks (@phancocksCNN) has also joined Lah in Japan. Both teams are currently en route to Sendai, Japan, which is located near the quake's epicenter.

Additional CNN correspondents heading to Japan to cover this developing story include:

CNN Hong Kong anchor Anna Coren
CNN's national correspondent Gary Tuchman
CNN's Atlanta-based correspondent Martin Savidge
CNN en Español's Fernando del Rincon
CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O'Brien
CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN radio correspondent Steve Kastenbaum

Watch video from CNN's Tokyo bureau while the earthquake struck:

CNN International started broadcasting breaking news at 1am ET live from Tokyo and Atlanta.

CNN started simulcasting CNN International at 1.12am ET when the extent of the earthquake became known.


CNN International/CNN-US simulcasts

Friday, March 11 (all times eastern):

3-5p.m. John Vause and Brooke Baldwin
5-7p.m. Kristi Lou Stout [sic] and Wolf Blitzer
7-8p.m. Kristi Lou Stout [sic] and John King

CNN-US primetime will be live throughout the evening:

8:00 pm In the Arena
9:00 pm Piers Morgan Tonight
10:00 pm Anderson Cooper 360

*Subject to change.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CNN's New Promotional Spot: "When Journalism Matters..."

CNN Domestic has started running a new promotional spot. Can you guess what their message is?


Brianna Keilar Moves To White House For CNN

CNN Press Release: Brianna Keilar is joining CNN’s White House team, it was announced today by David Bohrman, senior vice president of programming and Washington bureau chief. Keilar begins her new assignment with the White House unit later this month.

“Brianna is an outstanding addition to the White House team,” said Bohrman. “She has distinguished herself with exceptional coverage of the 111th Congress and her new beat will better position the network for the 2012 election season.”

Previously, Keilar served as a congressional correspondent, responsible for covering the activities of both the U.S. House and Senate. In that role, she earned the National Press Foundation’s Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress for her fall 2008 coverage of the $700 billion bank bailout. Prior to covering Congress, Keilar served as a general assignment correspondent for the network, reporting on a wide-range of stories, including the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, where she was the first CNN correspondent on the ground.

Keilar first joined the network as a correspondent for CNN Newsource, where she provided breaking news coverage and reported from the nation’s capital for approximately 800 CNN Newsource partner stations. She joined Newsource from CBS News where she served as an anchor, reporter and producer for a CBS newscast that aired on mtvU, MTV's college network. She was also a fill-in anchor on CBS News’ overnight newscast, Up to the Minute, and a freelance reporter for CBS Evening News Weekend Edition.

Prior to working for CBS, Keilar was a general assignment reporter in Yakima, Wash., for the CNN and CBS affiliate, KIMA-TV. During that same time, she also worked in radio as a morning show personality and weekend news reader. Keilar began her journalism career as a production assistant and intern at KTVU-TV, a CNN and FOX affiliate in San Francisco.

Keilar graduated Phi Beta Kappa with bachelor’s degrees in mass communications and psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

CNN Grill For South by Southwest®

CNN Press Release: MAX’s Wine Dive hosts the “CNN Grill” during SXSW® Conferences & Festivals

During this year’s South By Southwest festival, CNN and MAX’s Wine Dive – Austin’s downtown hotspot known for its gourmet comfort food and competitively priced wines from around the world – will transform the restaurant for a private event known as the “CNN Grill,” beginning Saturday, March 12, through Thursday, March 17.

Acting as CNN’s hub during SXSW’s Interactive, Film and Music festivals, MAX’s Wine Dive will assume the persona of the CNN Grill. Situated just steps from the Austin Convention Center, the CNN Grill is a broadcast center bringing select SXSW attendees, newsmakers and members of the media together to participate in live CNN reports and enjoy special musical performances. For the latest news about what's happening at the CNN Grill and SXSW, follow @cnnsxsw on Twitter (detailed schedule to be announced).

Celebrated restaurateur Danny Meyer and his Union Square Events (the catering, sports and entertainment events business from Union Square Hospitality Group) is sending a group of chefs from its home base in New York City to consult with MAX’s Executive Chef JP Lacoste on a special CNN Grill menu to be served throughout the event. The menu will feature a selection of MAX’s signature dishes alongside offerings created especially for the CNN Grill by the Union Square Events culinary team. Guests will also enjoy handcrafted cocktails, incredible wines and great entertainment exclusive to the CNN Grill. MAX’s will advertise this private event inside and out as the “CNN Grill.”

CNN pioneered the concept of the Grills in 2004 with the CNN Diner, which was created for the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. In 2008, CNN continued the tradition at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, and on Election Night in New York City. Since 2004, Civic Entertainment Group has served as CNN's executive producer for the Grills, managing the design, logistics and on-site operations of each unique execution of the concept.

The CNN Grill will utilize the entirety of MAX’s Wine Dive – 3,000-square-feet upstairs and 9,000-square-feet in MAX’s Underground – and the restaurant will be closed to the general public from March 11 through March 19.

MAX’s Wine Dive is a unique restaurant which combines three exciting elements: a high energy but informal atmosphere, fantastic chef-driven “gourmet comfort food,” and a highly acclaimed and competitively priced wine list. Additionally, MAX’s Wine Dive sells wine in retail transactions for guests’ off-premise consumption through “The Black Door,” a revolutionary retail wine sales program and wine-buying community. As the t-shirt says, “Fried Chicken and Champagne...? Why the Hell Not?!?” For more information, go to

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group includes some of New York City's most beloved establishments: Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Blue Smoke/Jazz Standard, Shake Shack, The Modern, Cafe 2 and Terrace 5, located at The Museum of Modern Art, El Verano Taquería and Box Frites (both at Citi Field), Maialino, Union Square Events and Hospitality Quotient.


CNN Launches "CNN Freedom Project"

CNN officially luanched the CNN Freedom Project on Monday. Details from CNN are below.

CNN Press Release: CNN is marshalling its global resources for a major initiative that takes on human trafficking with the launch of ‘The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery’, it was announced today by Tony Maddox, executive vice president and managing director of CNN International.

Throughout 2011, CNN’s reporting will expose the horrors of modern-day slavery, highlight the growing efforts to stop the trade and exploitation of human beings and amplify the voices of the victims.

“It’s our journalism-based assertion that this is the greatest uncovered breaking news story of today, and CNN plans to rip the lid off,” said Maddox. “The inhumanity of those who trade humans is truly shocking and should be stopped. Our coverage will spotlight not just those responsible, but the many courageous groups and individuals on the frontlines doing genuinely admirable work.”

Launching today, CNN International will lead this initiative with special reports on trafficking on every CNNI signature program for the full first week of the ‘The CNN Freedom Project.’ Throughout the year, CNNI will air numerous reports on the subject – with a focus on solution-oriented information and analysis – within specific programs and documentaries, some within the award-winning World’s Untold Stories strand.

Increasing the scope and reach of this work, ‘The CNN Freedom Project’ will air across CNNI and in a powerful and distinct online collaboration which will embrace viewer involvement and first-hand accounts. ‘The CNN Freedom Project’ site on will educate, motivate and unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.

This week Richard Quest looks at forced labor and corporate responsibility with Dan Henkle and Robert Fisher of Gap, Inc.; Becky Anderson speaks to a Ugandan woman forced into slavery and shows the many forms slavery can take; and Jim Clancy sits down with U.S. President Barack Obama’s anti-trafficking czar Luis CdeBaca and U.N. Ambassador Mira Sorvino about what traffickers looks like and how they operate. Beyond the initial launch, CNNI will commission Connect the World, Quest Means Business, News Stream, World Business Today, The Brief and Prism to utilize its expertise across a number of aspects of trafficking.

CNN’s roster of international correspondents are covering this story live from five continents: From Romania Dan Rivers looks at Romanian girls who were trafficked into a UK-based prostitution ring; in Africa David McKenzie talks to freed slaves from Sudan; Sara Sidner has an exclusive series of reports from northern India where residents were enslaved by landowners; from the U.K. Atika Shubert explores the varying prostitution laws in Sweden and Denmark, and how they compare and contrast. Other correspondents include Stan Grant and Eunice Yoon in China; Jim Bittermann in France; Reza Sayah in Pakistan; Kyung Lah in Japan; Christian Purefoy in Nigeria; Paula Hancocks in South Korea; Matthew Chance in Russia; Colleen McEdwards in the U.S.; Al Goodman in Spain; Nkepile Mabuse in South Africa; Shasta Darlington in Cuba; Kevin Flower in Israel; and Mohammed Jamjoom in the UAE.’s Freedom Project blog will serve as the platform where the audience can dig deeper into the issues and participate in the global discussion and debate around modern-day slavery. The blog will feature a diverse range of voices, from celebrity activists to anti-slavery campaigners. Online at, the blog will regularly feature interactive elements to explain the epidemic:

- “The Number,” a weekly graphic that breaks down the numbers related to human trafficking.
- “Solutions,” success stories about people and nations who are fighting slavery.
- “iReport Challenge” – CNN iReport, the network’s user-generated news community, is asking users to take a stand against slavery. As the year goes on, iReport will give users a chance to participate in the global discussion about modern-day slavery through a series of assignments.
- Data Visualizations will also be featured on the blog later in the year to show the scope of the problem, the local and global aspects of human trafficking and discrepancy in consistent numbers.

Content from the Freedom Project blog is also available through CNN’s mobile website.

‘The CNN Freedom Project’ is joining the global conversation on Twitter – @CNNFreedom – and Facebook at Through these channels, users can connect directly with CNN about this cause, learn more about the organizations standing on the frontlines and see how they are affecting change.

CNN will also collaborate with a number of celebrities and celebrity foundations around the world including Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher; Ricky Martin; Emmanuel Jal; Anil Kapoor; Peter Gabriel and more. Through these geographically-strategic relationships, CNN will develop unique content that highlights the great work that’s being done all over the globe.

CNN en Español is marking the launch of ‘The CNN Freedom Project’ today with special reports and packages to air across its programming lineup.

CNN Student News will also develop resources for teachers and parents as well as lesson plans for students. Student News will also work with the CNN Challenge to develop a game to help inform students about the human slavery issue.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekly Observations - week ending March 5, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- HLN's Robin Meade performed songs from her upcoming album last night at a charity event in Nashville, Tennessee to benefit Abintra Montessori School. Meade's album will be released exclusively at Target stores in the US this June.

- After "reformatting" Parker Spitzer, could John King, USA be CNN's next program to undergo a makeover? The New York Post has details on a couple of pilots CNN has taped. (Via ICN)

- CNN International's Hala Gorani was a guest on News/Talk WSB Radio in Atlanta on Friday. Ms Gorani shared her experiences of reporting within Egypt recently, and offered some analysis on the current situation across several other Mid-East countries. You can listen to the audio from the discussion here.

- Vanity Fair writer James Wolcott serves up this less than flattering piece on Piers Morgan. TV Newser notes Morgan's response to the article.

- Mark Haviland, marketing director of CNN International (Europe, Middle East & Africa), sits down with MarketingWeek for a Q&A.

- Jon Stewart examines CNN's use of social media and latest attempts at engaging viewers.

- Ben Wedeman and his CNN crew were almost caught up in a bombing incident in Libya earlier this week. Details and video from CNN.

- Jeanne Moos celebrates 30 years with CNN.


Friday, March 04, 2011

Fareed Zakaria Looks At "Restoring The American Dream"

CNN Domestic debuts a new Fareed Zakaria special this weekend. Details from CNN are below.

CNN Press Release:
Getting Back to Real Exceptionalism the Focus of New “Restoring the American Dream” FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Primetime Special

estoring the American Dream: Getting Back to #1 – A FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Special debuts Sunday at 8:00pm ET and PT

America used to be on top of the world across the board, besting the rest in education, innovation, wealth, and life expectancy – but now it’s falling behind other nations, in some instances way behind. America is now number 49 among the world’s nations in life expectancy, number 79 in elementary school enrollment, number 23 in infrastructure, and only the fourth most competitive economy.

CNN and TIME magazine’s Fareed Zakaria says the U.S. has arrived at a crowded crossroads where much of the rest of the world is catching up. He interviews some of the best minds in science, economics, leadership and innovation on the challenges we face, and offers his own solutions on how America can regain its number one status.

Foursquare co-founders Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley, Harvard University professors Joseph Nye and Niall Ferguson, international macroeconomist Dambisa Moyo, Swedish physician and statistician Dr. Hans Rosling, Columbia University economist Jeffery Sachs all weigh in on the best way forward for America.

Restoring the American Dream: Getting Back to #1 – A FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Special debuts Sunday, March 6 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET/PT on CNN/U.S. It will replay on Saturday, March 12 at 8:00p.m. and 11:00p.m. ET/PT on CNN/U.S.

Fareed Zakaria’s TIME magazine cover story, “Are America’s Best Days Behind Us?” hits newsstands today, Friday, March 4.

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First Look At The CNN Freedom Project

Details about the CNN Freedom Project have been hard to come by since it was first teased earlier this year. As we've previously noted, the initiative, in short, is CNN International's year-long campaign to end modern-day slavery. A 60 second promotional spot for the new initiative is now live on

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rafer Weigel IS Moving To Chicago?

HLN Morning Express with Robin Meade Sports Anchor Rafer Weigel reportedly will move to Chicago to become weekend sports anchor at WLS, the ABC owned-and-operated station there.

According to Robert Feder, Weigel is expected to be named weekend sports anchor and sports reporter, replacing Ryan Chiaverini who is moving to the co-host position on ABC 7's new morning show, Windy City Live. Weigel had no comment about the story and Emily Barr, President and General Manager of WLS stated that no decision has been made.

Back in January, we reported that Rafer auditioned the then-untitled morning show co-anchor post there. At the time, a spokesperson from HLN told us "Rafer is a great part of the HLN team and the Morning Express family and he will be here for a long time."

Rafer's bio has been removed from the CNN site, although as of press time he has yet to be removed from the Morning Express site and blog.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

CNN / CNN Digital February Numbers

CNN has sent out their numbers for February. Their press release is below.

CNN Press Release: IN FEBRUARY CNN GROWS 55% IN M-F PRIMETIME COMPARED TO A YEAR AGO, THE MOST OF ANY CABLE NEWS NETWORK; CNN OVERTAKES MSNBC AT 10 PM AND IN TOTAL DAY; Piers Morgan Tonight is Up 50% vs. a Year Ago; John King, USA Has Best Month Since Launch; FNC has Double Digit Declines throughout February; TRAFFIC TO WAS UP GLOBALLY 10% YEAR OVER YEAR


During the month of February, CNN had the most growth of any cable news network in M-F primetime compared to a year ago, increasing an impressive +55% in the key demo 25-54 (243k vs. 157k) while MSNBC grew only +8% (265k vs. 246k) and FNC lost viewers, decreasing -14% (575k vs. 666k). In total viewers, CNN also had most growth in primetime increasing +31% (766k vs. 583k) vs. a year ago, MSNBC grew +18% (995k vs. 842k) and FNC declined -12% (2.322m vs. 2.649m).

In addition, CNN’S AC 360 overtook MSNBC at 10 pm in February and CNN topped MSNBC in total day in the demo 25-54 and among total viewers for the first time since June 2010. In total day, CNN posted 159k in the key demo 25-54, an increase of +19% from last year (134k) and averaged 484k in total viewers, a rise of +3% (468k). MSNBC placed third in total day in the demo (146k) and in total viewers (450k).

Throughout each hour of primetime (M-F), CNN posted big gains compared to a year ago. While CNN overtook MSNBC at 10 pm, the network significantly narrowed the gap with MSNBC at 8 pm and 9 pm compared to 4th quarter averages. FNC had double digit declines throughout primetime.

At 10 pm:

Anderson Cooper topped MSNBC at 10 pm for the first time since June 2010, with AC 360 averaging 305k compared to MSNBC The Ed Show’s 234k in the demo 25-54. In total viewers, Cooper also topped Ed Schultz with 855k vs. MSNBC’s 827k.

Anderson Cooper is up +83% in the demo 25-54 compared to a year ago (305k vs. 167k), Shultz increased +41% (234k vs. 166k), and FNC’s Greta Van Susteren was the only network to lose viewers at 10pm, decreasing -13% (406k vs. 466k).

AC 360 is also up +55% in total viewers compared to a year ago (855k vs. 550k), MSNBC is up +53% and FNC is down -12%.

During the 4th quarter, the demo gap between AC 360 (205k) and MSNBC (258k) was -8% -- today, Cooper (305k) has overtaken The Ed Show (234k) with a +30% advantage (data does not include MSNBC Investigates/Lock Up episodes when that programming aired on Fridays at 10 pm).

At 9 pm:

Piers Morgan Tonight is up +50% in the demo 25-54 compared to a year ago (237k vs. 158k), growing more than MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who is up +39% (302k vs. 217k), while FNC’s Hannity is down -10% (559k vs. 620k).

Piers Morgan is also up +21% in total viewers compared to a year ago (812k vs. 672k), MSNBC is up +34% and Hannity is off -11%.

Piers Morgan is top rated among younger viewers (adults 18-34), increasing +78% from a year ago (66k vs. 37k), while MSNBC was down -21% (52k vs. 66k) and FNC declined -27% (60k vs. 82k).

During the 4th quarter, the demo gap between CNN’s Larry King (169k) and Maddow (285k) was -41% -- today, the gap between Piers Morgan (237k) and Maddow (302k) is just -22%.
Launch-to-date (January 17-February 25) Piers Morgan is averaging 235k in the key demo (an increase of +28%) and 787k in total viewers, up +11% compared to the same period a year ago.

At 8 pm:

In February, CNN was up +27% in the demo 25-54 compared to the same period a year ago (186k vs. 146k), while MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell was down -9% compared to Keith Olbermann during the same period last year (235k vs. 258k). FNC’s O’Reilly was also down -14% vs. a year ago (775k vs. 906k).

CNN is also up +20% in total viewers compared to a year ago (631k vs. 527k), O’Donnell is up just +7% and O’Reilly is down -12%.

During the 4th quarter, the gap between CNN (135k) and Keith Olbermann (286k) was -53% in the demo -- today, the gap between CNN at 8 pm (186k) vs. Lawrence O'Donnell (235k) is now just -21%.

At 7 pm, John King, USA is also up in February, increasing +20% in the demo 25-54 (177k vs. 148k) compared to a year ago. This represents King’s best month since launch (March 2010) with 559k in total viewers; up 28% vs. January.

At 5 pm, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer increased +43% in the demo (196k vs. 137k) and +9% in total viewers (714k vs.653k) compared to last year. FNC’s Glenn Beck is experiencing big declines compared to a year ago – decreasing -32% in the key demo 25-54 (513k vs. 753k) and has declined -26% in total viewers (2.084m vs. 2.833m). In addition, the Situation Room at 6 pm is up +43% in the demo (199k vs. 139k) and increased +13% in total viewers (647k vs. 574k), while FNC’s Bret Baier declined -12% in the demo (468k vs. 533k) and is off -11% in total viewers vs. a year ago (2.206m vs.2.469m).

In February, CNN topped MSNBC during the daytime (9am-5pm) in both the key demo 25-54 and among total viewers. In head-to-head comparisons with MSNBC’s daytime non-opinion programming CNN more than doubled (+108%) MSNBC in the key demo (173k vs. 83k) and held a 60% lead in total viewers (589k vs. 367k). MSNBC trailed CNN every hour during the daytime in the demo and total viewers.

CNN reached a cumulative audience of 91.0 million viewers in February, FNC lagged behind with 79.8 million and MSNBC averaged 76.1 million.

CNN Digital:

In February, traffic to was up globally 10% year over year.

- Breaking News: The revolutions in Egypt and Libya drove traffic to
- During the first three days of Feb. traffic to increased 17% daily over the prior 4-week average.
- Libya coverage also boosted traffic. On Mon., Feb. 21st, traffic to was up 55% over the prior 4-Sunday average and up 6% over the last holiday-Monday’s traffic (January 17, 2011).

[Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Domestic and International. Year-over-year claim based on average daily for February 1-27 compared to last year’s average daily for the same time period.]

- Video: Total global video starts (VOD + Live) were up by 30% and live video starts were up by 20% over 4Q10 levels largely as a result of video related to the revolutions in Egypt and Libya.

[Source: Omniture Site Catalyst, Domestic and International. Comparisons based on average daily data for February 1-27 and average daily for Oct.1-Dec.31, 2010 for Q410.]

- Features: Feature content also helped drive traffic to in Feb., with several sections showing double-digit percentage gains over last Feb.

- Tech increased by 18% with nearly 1 million page views per day during the month.

- Opinion increased 51% with half a million page views per day.

- Health increased 46% with 860 thousand daily page views.

- Living increased 66% with 800 thousand page views per day.

- Blog Traffic: Altogether, blog traffic in Feb. accounted for 97 million page views. Joining This Just In and the Political Ticker in the top five were The Marquee (Entertainment), The Chart (Health) and Belief Blog (religion).

- Belief Blog increased 130% over last month’s performance due to a story about Chick-fil-A with 900 thousand page views and a high-school wrestler refusing to wrestle a female with 603 thousand page views.

[Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, Domestic and International. Note: Year-ago comparisons were not possible for the Belief Blog as it had not launched yet. All month-end data for February 2011 is based on average daily for February 1-27, 2011 and is compared to time periods with data expressed in a comparable manner. Blog traffic cumulative total for month through 3 p.m. February 28, 2011]

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