Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boiling Point: Inside The Tea Party

CNN will tonight debut an investigative documentary that examines the impact of Tea Party groups. CNN's press release and preview of the program is below.

CNN Press Release: Investigative documentary examining the impact of Tea Party groups debuts Saturday, October 30at 8:00pm ET & PT on CNN/U.S.

CNN has criss-crossed the country over the last 18 months, logging campaign coverage of literally hundreds of candidates – their ads, the controversies, the primaries, and the polls as the nation counts down to the mid-term elections on Nov. 2nd. CNN writer and producer Shannon Travis has followed the political movement that has proven to be the most energetic and the most provocative of this campaign season, the various groups that self-identify with the Tea Party.

Boiling Point: Inside the Tea Party debuts Saturday, Oct. 30 at 8:00pm ET and PT on CNN.

Reporting from California, to Delaware, to Alaska, to Florida and beyond, Travis interviewed the movement’s chief influencers – conservative talk radio personality and former Tea Party Express chairman Mark Williams, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and Mary Rakovich, considered by some to be “the godmother” of the Tea Party movement – about their goals and the messages they want delivered to the corridors of power in Washington.

Travis’ investigation also looks into the leadership and the funding of tea party groups. Sal Russo, a long-time Republican activist and organizer of the recall of California governor Gray Davis (D-CA), is a founder of the Sacramento-based Tea Party Express. In a rare interview with Travis, Russo says that the candidates his group supports focus upon fiscal conservatism over social issues, which he feels has been key to its success.

However, Russo has also been accused by his former Tea Party Express vice chair, Deborah Johns, as well as other tea partiers, of simply co-opting the “tea party” label to make money for his consulting firm. Travis also talks to FreedomWorks founder and former U.S. Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX) about accusations that his group is funded by powerful, moneyed groups – not grassroots supporters.

A multimedia report on the tea party, including video clips from tea party events and candidates from the campaign trail, a photographic retrospective of American populist movements, and an excerpt from the Boiling Point documentary can be found at Comprehensive campaign coverage and the latest updates on all of the latest breaking political news can be found at

Boiling Point was reported by CNN political producer and writer Shannon Travis. Marcus Hooper is producer, Steve Turnham is senior producer, Jeffery Reid is executive producer, and Bud Bultman is managing editor for this production. Scott Matthews is the executive producer for CNN’s Special Investigations and Documentaries unit.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

CNN's Weekend Schedule Shuffle

Inside Cable News has the details on election coverage and changes to CNN's regular schedule this weekend.

BALLOT BOWL – Airs LIVE Saturday 1:00PM – 6:00PM
CNN will again provide live, unfiltered coverage of significant recent
and live campaign events. Members of the Best Political Team on television will report from events around the country to include Alaska, Nevada, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.

AMERICA VOTES 2010 – Airs LIVE Saturday 6:00PM – 7:00PM and (replays) 10:00PM
Lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer and anchor Anderson Cooper, along
with the Best Political Team on Television, provide the latest news on the upcoming midterm elections.

BOILING POINT: inside the tea party – Airs Saturday 8:00PM – 9:00PM, 11:00PM
CNN’s Shannon Travis has followed the political movement proven to be the most energetic and provocative of this campaign season, the various groups that self-identify with the Tea Party movement.

For a full list of changes, click here.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congratulations! Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Expecting Twins!

CNN sister publication People exclusively reports that American Morning Co-Anchor John Roberts and CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips are expecting twins in the spring of next year. Roberts and Phillips were engaged in April. Congratulations!

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Future CNN/CBS Merger "Doesn't Look Good"

CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves has shot down a possible future CNN/CBS merger (for now, at least) at the 3rd Annual OnScreen Media Summit, writes Ben Grossman.

"Right now, it doesn't look good," he said at the 2010 Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News OnScreen Media Summit at the Marriott Marquis in New York.

Moonves acknowledged he has discussed different arrangements with CNN parent Time Warner, but there have been too many deal points that the sides haven't been able to sort out."It's no secret we've had conversations," he said. "The structure is very different, it's hard to cross over in a meaningful way, they are based in Atlanta, we are in New York. They are non union, we are a union shop, it's a tough nut to crack. We tried ten years ago and we tried last year, it's just been a difficult thing. It's hard to make a joint venture with a division of the company. It's hard from a content point of view, who's in charge, who's making the last decision, there are a lot of little points, it's not just we'll share Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric."


Report: Dick Uliano Out At CNN Radio

Fishbowl DC reports on the latest developments at CNN Radio.
Dick Uliano, who’s been with the network 11 years, is out. Before joining CNN in 1999, Uliano spent 16 years at the Associated Press in its broadcast division. Also out: an Atlanta-based CNN Radio news manager and an Atlanta-based national correspondent.

“We are changing the structure; however, there is no reduction in the headcount at CNN Radio,” a CNN spokesperson tells FishbowlDC, adding, “To develop new programming and content we need to embrace new skills and ideas. So by realigning the team to produce new programming and services we will be able to grow and take advantage of the new platforms both within CNN and outside.”

Related: Dick Uliano CNN bio

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CNN en Español Announces New Hires

Following CNN en Español's official announcement of a complete relaunch earlier this month, the network has announced three new hires joining the anchor team.

CNN Press Release:
As part of the recently announced evolution of CNN en Espanol, the network announced today that it has hired veteran Spanish-language news anchors Mercedes Soler, Fernando del Rincon and Camilo Egana.

Fernando del Rincon will be based in Atlanta and anchor the new program CNN Investiga. In addition, he will co-host Panorama Mundial, the network's primetime newscast of record, along with CNN en Espanol Senior Anchor Patricia Janiot. Janiot will also anchor Nuestro Mundo, the network's midday newscast. Prior to joining CNN en Espanol, Fernando del Rincon worked as an anchor at Univision, Telemundo and Mega TV.

Camilo Egana will also relocate to CNN's global headquarters in Atlanta. Egana will be in charge of the weekend newscast Mirador Mundial, and the new program Archivo CNN. He was a news anchor at Mega TV.

Mercedes Soler will co-host NotiMujer, a new show targeting women, along with Glenda Umana. NotiMujer will be broadcast from the new production center in Miami and from Atlanta. Prior to joining CNN en Espanol, Soler was a columnist for el Nuevo Herald, a journalism professor and a news anchor/correspondent for Univision.

"I am thrilled to welcome Mercedes, Fernando and Camilo to the CNN en Espanol team," said Cynthia Hudson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CNN en Espanol and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S. "All three are incredibly well-regarded in the industry, and will make our already impressive roster of anchors even stronger."


Fareed Zakaria Primetime Special

CNN Press Release: CEOs Tell Fareed Zakaria How to Restore America’s Economic Prosperity in Fareed Zakaria GPS Special Debuting Saturday, Oct. 30

CNN presents a Fareed Zakaria GPS Special with four of the world’s most respected business leaders, on the decline of the American dream and how to bring it back.

Former IBM chairman and CEO Lou Gerstner, Google, Inc. chairman/CEO Eric Schmidt, Coca Cola Company chairman/CEO Muhtar Kent, and Alcoa, Inc. chairman/CEO Klaus Kleinfeld discuss how technology, globalization and the recession brought about American’s unacceptable unemployment rate…and how America can leverage the keys to bringing good jobs back to America – education and innovation.

Restoring the American Dream: A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special airs on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNN/U.S. It will replay on Sunday, October 31 at 10a.m. ET/PT on CNN/U.S. and at 8:00 a.m. ET on CNN International.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

International Observations And Updates

Some quick hits and updates...

- As we reported earlier this month, Atia Abawi has left CNN. Today Atia confirmed to her Twitter followers that she will be joining NBC News.

- Former World Sport anchor and correspondent, Justin Armsden, is back home in Australia and working for the Fox Sports News channel. Justin left CNN in August.

- Arwa Damon is heading to CNN's Beirut bureau, filling the position left vacant by Cal Perry's resignation earlier this month.

- Jim Clancy is currently subbing for Kristie Lu Stout as rehearsals are underway for her new show, launching November 8.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

CNN Announces Presenters And Performers For CNN Heroes 2010

CNN Press Release: Halle Berry, LL COOL J, Bon Jovi, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria Parker and Sugarland to Participate at “CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute”

CNN today announced performers and presenters who are slated to appear at the fourth annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, which honors everyday people changing the world. CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, hosted by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, will air on Thanksgiving, November 25th at 8pmET/5pm PT from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Celebrity presenters include: Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria Parker, LL COOL J, Renee Zellweger among others who have yet to be announced. Bon Jovi and Sugarland will perform at the gala.

Preceding the tribute broadcast will be a red carpet special Showbiz Tonight @ CNN Heroes, which will be simulcast on CNN and HLN at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Hosted by Showbiz Tonight’s A.J. Hammer and Brooke Anderson, the special will feature exclusive coverage of celebrity arrivals and interviews, as well as a celebrity-hosted social media suite tapping into the worldwide, online passion and interest in the Heroes event.

The tribute show will honor all of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, currently listed at, as well as the “CNN Hero of the Year.” Online voting for the “CNN Hero of the Year” is currently underway and concludes at 6am ET on November 18th. The Top 10 CNN Heroes will receive $25,000, and the CNN Hero of the Year will receive an additional $100,000.

This year’s Blue Ribbon Panel judges include: Muhammad Ali, Ela Bhatt, Sir Richard Branson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jack Dorsey, Hill Harper, Patricia Heaton, Yo Yo Ma, Ricky Martin, Apolo Anton Ohno, Holly Robinson Peete, Alek Wek and Rainn Wilson. Now in its fourth year, CNN Heroes is a multiplatform campaign that shines a spotlight on everyday people changing the world; in 2010, the campaign received over 10,000 submissions from more than 100 countries.

Award-winning producer/director Joel Gallen returns to executive produce the program. Kelly Flynn is senior executive producer for the CNN Heroes initiative.

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CNN's Election Night Plans

CNN has released more details on their election night coverage plans. As well as new election theme music, the network will unveil its "Election Matrix" - a new virtual environment.

CNN Press Release:
Network to Create Virtual Environment “CNN Election Matrix” to Visualize Vast Amounts of Election Data

CNN’s Best Political Team will add new technology to its arsenal in order to better explain the complex story of the midterm elections as it unfolds on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer, joined by Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, John King and Soledad O’Brien will headline Election Night in America, beginning at 7 p.m. and continuing into the following day. From Delaware to Nevada to Alaska, CNN will dispatch correspondents across the country to check in throughout the night and report on the crucial races impacting the balance of power in Congress.

The network will create a live and interactive environment, called the “CNN Election Matrix,” to break down data in a visual way. With this tool, King visually will whip through a comprehensive amount of information to better explain to viewers the most competitive House and Senate races. In an election filled with partisanship and strong anti-incumbent feelings, viewers will see the race through the lens of incumbencies: which incumbents have fallen, when they were elected, the nationwide impact and more. Additionally, the “CNN Election Matrix” will create a virtual representation of which party is gaining ground and potential shifts in the balance of power.

“We are taking capabilities of the Data Wall and quadrupling it in order to report the story in the clearest way we can,” said David Bohrman, senior vice president and Washington bureau chief. “Viewers are ready for a rich meal of election items and with CNN’s technology on air and online, paired with the Best Political Team, we will serve an unparalleled election night experience.”

Building on hologram technology unveiled during 2008’s Election Night in America, the network will create an entirely new way to display exit polling data using three-dimensional graphics. O’Brien will use virtual graphics that appear in the studio to actually show viewers not only how people voted, but also specifically what groups of people voted. The technology will allow viewers to see the real picture of voter turnout and how that could influence who controls Washington.

The “Data Wall,” which the network first used during 2008 election coverage, will return with a major upgrade. Once again, King will man the wall to drill into live county and state vote tallies and help put the election puzzle into place. Using Crimson Hexagon technology, CNN will be able to analyze, categorize and visualize the vast social media conversation happening on Twitter on Election Day. By listening in to what Americans are saying online, the network will create a geographic illustration that shows viewers the climate of the country and reaction to the results.

CNN will showcase the Best Political Team, including the diverse views of its political contributors, to report and analyze the political event. New hosts Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer will add their insight to the coverage. Senior political analysts Gloria Borger and David Gergen will join CNN correspondents in discussing the returns, including national political correspondent Jessica Yellin, who has spent months on the campaign trail, and senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash, who has delved into campaign finances and advertising. Congressional correspondent Brianna Keilar; senior White House correspondent Ed Henry and White House correspondents Dan Lothian and Suzanne Malveaux also will add their insight. Political contributors span the ideological spectrum: John Avlon, Paul Begala, Bill Bennett, Donna Brazile, James Carville, Alex Castellanos, Erick Erickson, Roland Martin, Mary Matalin, Ed Rollins and Hilary Rosen.

On Election Night, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer will kickoff the network’s political-centric coverage beginning at 5 p.m., followed by Election Night in America at 7 p.m. The network will continue live coverage throughout the night and into early morning Wednesday, when American Morning begins at 3 a.m and continues until noon.

CNN also will introduce new election music from HBO’s award-winning series John Adams to help place the elections in the context of our nation’s history. The score will serve as the network’s theme music on all programs and platforms through the 2012 Presidential Election.

Stay tuned to CNN leading up to election night for sneak peeks at what to expect on Election Night in America. CNN will have election specials, titled Countdown to Election Night in America, on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 6 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 31 at 9 p.m.

Extending the reach of CNN’s Best Political Team far beyond television,’s Election Center will be the premiere online destination for the midterm elections. Featuring the latest results on’s homepage on Election Night, the Election Center will include real-time race results, graphics to show the shifting balance of power in the House and Senate, polls and a plethora of information to satisfy everyone from the political novice to the junkie. Online at, users will be able to follow up to 15 races and/or ballot measures as the results come in; as well as activate a module featuring results for the three races most important to them, which will “follow” users throughout the right rail of the Election Center.

Android, BlackBerry and iPhone or iPod touch users can also follow real-time election results on their mobile phone for House, Senate and gubernatorial races through the CNN Election Center App, available for free from Android Market, BlackBerry App World and the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

In the days leading up to November 2, CNN International will also offer extensive coverage of the U.S. midterm election across its signature programs including International Desk, Connect the World, BackStory and Political Mann, the weekly U.S.-focused political show hosted by Jonathan Mann. As the polls begin to close on Election Day, CNN International will simulcast CNN/US coverage to an audience around the world.

CNN en Español will offer rolling coverage of the U.S. midterm election starting at 6 a.m. Anchor Luis Carlos Vélez will offer exit poll results and updates on the balance of power throughout the day from our studios in Atlanta. Then, starting at 4 p.m., senior D.C. correspondent Juan Carlos López will offer reports and will be joined by analysts Roberto Izurieta and Helen Aguirre Ferre, and will later present results with senior anchor Patricia Janiot through 1 a.m.

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CNN International's News Stream To Launch November 8

CNN International is preparing to launch its new Asian evening schedule with the debut on November 8 of 'News Stream'.

The program, anchored by Kristie Lu Stout from CNN Hong Kong, will aim to showcase a network of digital correspondents around the world who will give viewers a better understanding of the world through the smart use of technology.

News Stream will air weeknights at 2100 HK and 1300 GMT.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CNN's Midterm Elections Coverage

CNN Press Release: CNN Provides Unrivaled Coverage of Midterm Elections Online, on Mobile and on Television

CNN today kicks off its special coverage of the midterm elections with the launch of the CNN Election Center App, marking the first time a major cable news brand has simultaneously launched an app for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone and iPod touch. Additionally, tonight at 7:30 p.m., lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer co-moderates a debate in Delaware between candidates, Chris Coons (D) and Christine O'Donnell (R), vying for Vice President Joe Biden’s former Senate seat. Pervasive across all platforms, CNN’s special coverage of the midterms – whether on your mobile phone, laptop or television – channels the full strength of CNN’s resources, including’s political reporting team, the CNN Political Unit, CNN’s Washington and New York bureaus and journalists in the field, as well as CNN’s army of iReporters.

Throughout the election season, Blitzer and anchor Anderson Cooper will spearhead the network’s special coverage, while Larry King will continue to interview political newsmakers on his nightly program. Chief political correspondent and anchor Candy Crowley will add insightful and balanced reporting and interviews, and chief national correspondent and anchor John King will an upgraded Magic Wall to break down data state-by-state and to show the political pulse of the U.S.A.

On Mobile: CNN Election Center App for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone and iPod touch

The CNN Election Center App features important political news through text, video and photos, and also includes user-generated content capture and upload functionality through iReport, CNN’s user-generated news community. Users can access the latest headlines and video related to the Midterm Elections, as well as share stories with their friends via email, Facebook and Twitter, all directly from the app.

The app also gives users the ability to view the details of all House, Senate and gubernatorial races by zip code. In late October, the app will update to include relevant ballot measures by state, as well as allow users to find polling locations.

The app also incorporates robust user-participation elements, such as the Daily Vote and iReport Election Project. Each day leading up to the election, the app will feature a different ‘daily vote’ question for users to share their opinion and see how other users voted. Through the iReport Election Project, users are invited to participate in a rolling series of up to six challenges. Participants in the iReport Election Project also will be able to:
  • Take a quiz to establish their political identity;
  • Browse iReports related to the Midterm Elections;
  • Capture and instantly upload user-generated photos and videos related to the Midterm Election; and
  • Earn special badges to be featured on their iReport profile page
Through the app’s Races section, users can pre-select up to 15 races to ‘follow’ until November 2, allowing easy access to results on Election Day. Additionally, Android, and iPhone and iPod touch users can opt-in to have news alerts related to the Midterms automatically pushed to their devices.

Finally, on Election Day, the app will showcase real-time election results for House, Senate and gubernatorial races, and key ballot measures, listed alphabetically by state.

The CNN Election Center App is available for free from Android Market, BlackBerry App World and the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. For more information about the CNN Election Center App, click here.

On Television

The Best Political Team is expanding to cover the November’s election. It includes: new hosts Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer, anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien; senior political analysts Gloria Borger and David Gergen; political contributors John Avlon, Paul Begala, Bill Bennett, Donna Brazile, James Carville, Alex Castellanos, Erick Erickson, Roland Martin, Mary Matalin, Ed Rollins and Hilary Rosen; anchors T.J. Holmes and Don Lemon; national political correspondent Jessica Yellin;senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash and congressional correspondent Brianna Keilar; senior White House correspondent Ed Henry and White House correspondents Dan Lothian and Suzanne Malveaux.

Technology will once again be a key member of the Best Political Team, serving as a critically helpful tool in telling the complex story of the midterm elections. CNN will unveil new equipment installed in the New York studio’s Election Center to display virtual objects, building upon the innovations from 2008’s election coverage. Additionally, upgrades to the Magic Wall will enable anchors and correspondents to sort through a tremendous amount of data, both from traditional means and from social media, to better break down what is happening across the country.

In addition, CNN correspondents and political producers will fan out to crucial states between now and Election Day to produce content for both television and the web. Every day and through Election Day, and every hour into prime time, live on-air updates from the desk in the Washington Bureau will provide viewers with the latest up-to-the-minute political news. The network will also rely on its extensive resources to take the temperature of the American public through CNN national polls and weekly CNN/Time Magazine state polls, as well as to tell the stories behind the issues driving this election cycle and the people behind politician’s public faces.

Online: Election Center

Extending the reach of CNN’s Best Political Team far beyond television, the new has introduced the Election Center, the premiere online destination for the midterm elections. Featuring the latest information about the most important issues and races, the Election Center includes a plethora of information to satisfy everyone from the political novice to the junkie through subsections including:
  • “The Basics,” a 101 explaining why the Midterms matter and what’s at stake;
  • “The Races,” providing users with detailed, state-by-state information, including data maps, Races to Watch and graphics that show the balance of power in the House and Senate;
  • “The Issues,” a breakdown and explainer about the biggest impact issues of the Midterms;
  • “My Election,” customizable election tracker showcasing local headlines, information on relevant state contests and fundraising data. As Election Day nears, users can find their polling location and follow up to 15 races and/or ballot measures; and activate a module featuring results for the three races most important to them, which will “follow” users throughout along the right rail of the page.
  • “Polling Center,” featuring the most comprehensive polling data of any news organization in the political landscape where users can access and sort select public polls covering national trends, issues, and selected House, Senate and gubernatorial races.
CNN is also offering more information about each of the candidates through a partnership with Project VoteSmart. In addition to biographical and campaign fundraising information, users can explore voting records, interest group ratings and the candidates’ positions on the issues simply by clicking on the candidate name in the Results section a week prior to the elections.

Users also can access the CNN Election Center on mobile devices by typing into their mobile browser. Additionally, by entering a ZIP code into the “My Election” field on the mobile version of the Election Center, users can obtain instant results to the races that matter to them most.

In Your State

CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley and John King will continue to moderate debates during the closing days of this election season in various bellwether states. Those debates include a showdown in Delaware moderated by Blitzer tonight and two Sunshine State debates in the coming weeks. Crowley will moderate the Florida three-way senate debate on Oct. 24 followed by King moderating the Florida gubernatorial debate on Oct. 25. King already returned to his hometown for a Boston gubernatorial race debate on Sept. 21.

In addition to these debates, CNN’s Election Express has been rolling through the country with dozens of correspondents and producers reporting from campaign sites along the way. The CNN Election Express is a state-of-the-art mobile newsroom, equipped to handle all major HD and Standard Definition (SD) formats to cover news stories with unparalleled depth and speed. For the CNN teams in the field, the Election Express serves as a complete workspace, combining the capabilities of a studio, editing room and production facility with those of a satellite truck.

Around the World

Viewers from around the world also will also have the opportunity to follow the mid-term election as CNN International simulcasts many hours of CNN’s coverage.

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Rick Sanchez on Good Morning America

On a short trip out of town, so I'll post this quick. Here's video of Rick Sanchez on this morning's Good Morning America on ABC talking about his dismissal from CNN. (h/t TVNewser)

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CNN International's Focus On Asia

CNN Press Release: CNN asks its global audience to define Asia in groundbreaking month of coverage

As part of a month of unique programming from across Asia, CNN's global viewers are invited to point their cameras at themselves and describe the world's most culturally diverse and vibrant continent by simply completing the sentence "Asia is..." in a few short words.

CNN is asking people to answer the question from any perspective, be it personal, cultural, economic, sporting, political - or even gastronomic. Viewers can then upload the video to iReport, CNN's user-generated news community, online at or directly via the CNN international iPhone app. Selected iReport contributions will be featured in on-air promotions on CNN International, airing in November in more than 260 million households and hotel rooms in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The global initiative comes in the run-up to "November is Asia", CNN's special month of Asia-focused programming that delivers ongoing expansion of the network's Asian coverage. Alongside a dynamic new Asian primetime schedule led by a new and game-changing news show hosted by CNN's award-winning anchor Kristie Lu Stout, the network's popular monthly series i-List will be visiting four Asian countries - Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia - for in-depth, week-long investigations into how these countries are influencing and impacting our global world.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CNN en Español Announces Complete Network Reface

CNN Press Release - Starting November 22, the network will roll out a newprogramming line up, logo, tagline and studios

In 1997, CNN en Español broke news with the largest at-launch subscriber base in the history of the Latin American industry. The network quickly set the standard for credible, timely and relevant news and is routinely named in research studies as the region’s top news network on pay television.

Today CNN en Español revolutionizes Spanish-language news again, announcing the most comprehensive channel reface in its history. Starting November 22, CNN en Español will begin rolling out a slate of new programs and a completely redesigned branding package including a new logo, tagline, music and marketing campaign. The network is also making significant investments in technology, and will unveil a Miami-based production hub and state-of-the-art studio in Atlanta.

These changes will debut in several phases over the next year and are designed to evolve the way viewers engage with their world, providing them with all the news, information and actuality they need to stay informed and make smart decisions to secure their futures.

“This is an exciting, defining time for the network, and I am confident that the changes we are announcing today will both build on our past achievements and best position CNN en Español for an even brighter future,” said Cynthia Hudson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S.

“We have a long tradition of success in Latin America and are taking steps to maintain our leadership position. In addition, we are surrounded by opportunity in the U.S. and are working to assure we are best positioned to seize upon these opportunities.”

CNN en Español keeps the channel’s iconic red logotype, but will now include a tilde over the two “N’s.” This device suggests movement, the dynamic nature of news, and a reference to the language that unites our viewers.

The new tagline, Vive la noticia (“Live the News”), speaks to the relevance of CNN en Español in the lives of our viewers. The channel not only delivers credible coverage of top news stories, we also inform beyond the top headlines, with compelling programs that you can’t miss if you want to be truly informed. We engage them with useful information and compelling storytelling, and make them a part of it all through social media and participation as citizen journalists via iReport.

Three of CNN en Español’s most popular programs will be extended to an hour, including Directo USA, Encuentro and Panorama Mundial. New shows include:

Destination programming for women
Women today are looking for news programming that is as complete, complex and ever-changing as they are. NotiMujer will explore everything from career and financial management and family issues to health, home décor, fashion and how to live every day to the fullest.

Captivating characters and compelling stories
Powerful, sometimes provocative storytelling from around the globe fuel this new long-form programming franchise. Documentales showcases the very best of CNN journalism to open our eyes to issues that are at times disturbing but always captivating.

The daily dish on all the celebs and stars
Co-hosted from star-studded Los Angeles and Miami, Showbiz is a virtual roundtable discussion where we will report and debate the biggest, most talked about and most controversial celebrity entertainment news stories breaking every day. We will also engage viewers with a revealing look at the trending topic of the day and feature a ticker tracking breaking celebrity news stories.

Europa Hoy
Headlines and headliners from across the E.U.
Europa Hoy opens a window on the region, with an emphasis on European events driving the global conversation. From the latest announcements and accords to breaking financial news, viewers will be in the know on the most relevant stories of the day from across the E.U.

Choque de Opiniones
Dynamic Debate
Choque de Opiniones brings together opposing viewpoints regarding key current events. Step into the crossfire as our weekly guests spar in dynamic discussions that are both informative and interesting.

CNN Dinero
A comprehensive look at markets, business trends and personal finance
CNN en Español’s award-winning team of business journalists join forces to present the one-hour Spanish-language financial newscast of record. From the latest market developments to how to manage your personal portfolio, CNN Dinero gives viewers the edge they need to stay ahead in today’s competitive world.

Construction is already under way on two cutting-edge control rooms in CNN en Español’s Atlanta hub, and plans include an additional news studio at CNN Center. The upgrades will allow the network to remain technically innovative for years to come.

CNN en Español will open a full-service Miami-based production center by the end of 2010, which will serve as a newsgathering center as well as a studio for the network’s programming. The production center will complement CNN’s bureau in Plantation, FL, with specific Spanish-language focus, similar to the news organization’s arrangements in its Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. bureaus.

CNN en Español, CNN’s independently produced 24-hour network in Spanish, is currently available in 25 million cable and DTH households throughout Latin America, and more than 4 million households across the United States. The network provides continuous news coverage of major world events, live breaking coverage supported by in-depth analysis, worldwide business and financial news, global weather updates, sports and feature programming on such topics as health, technology and entertainment.

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New Details On CNN en Español's Relaunch

Back in May, new general manager and senior executive vice president of CNN en Español, Cynthia Fernandez Hudson, announced plans to overhaul the network. The changes were to be implemented from September, but new details on what to expect have been released by the network - including the timeframe for relaunch which should be completed over the next 9 months.

Included in the changes are: a new logo and on air look; new music; separate schedules for the US and Mexico markets, including a third schedule for the rest of Latin America; and new programs.

Glenn Garvin details more of the upcoming changes.
Along with a new logo, music and slogan (Vive la noticia, live the news), the network is taking a fresh approach in how it presents the news. It's abandoning its traditional "news wheel" - repeating the headline stories over and over in a 30-minute cycle - for a series of splashy new shows focused on everything from Hollywood to personal finance. They include:

-"NotiMujer," a magazine-style show targeted at women and covering health, fashion, home decor and other lifestyle stories.

-"Documentales and Archivos CNN," a documentary series drawing heavily from the network's news archives.

-"Showbiz," a program modeled on English-language cousin HLN's celebrity-oriented "Showbiz Tonight" and co-anchored from Los Angeles and Miami.

-"Europa Hoy," a daily report emphasizing news from Europe, which has been largely absent from CNN en Espanol's U.S.- and Latin American-oriented newscasts.

-"Choque de Opiniones," a Crossfire-style debate program airing on weekends.

-"CNN Dinero," a comprehensive look at markets, business trends and personal finance.

Several existing CNN programs will be lengthened and their scope broadened.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Jon Stewart Talks Rick Sanchez

Jon Stewart used his show last night to respond to comments made by former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez last week.

Stewart, who spent the first 9 minutes of The Daily Show on the Sanchez story, said, "Now I want to clarify something here. We weren't making fun of Rick Sanchez because of some slight to his ethnicity. It's just that we here see him as kind of a complex television character who is flawed, but fascinating to watch every week."

Stewart then went on to play a tape comparing Rick Sanchez with Michael Scott - the fictional character from NBC's 'The Office'.

The segment ended with Stewart commenting, "I think the guy's [Rick Sanchez] got a good heart. Perhaps even CNN will now be looking to use his vacated timeslot to get in touch with their better Sanchez and starve parasites like myself by putting on quality news and discussion."

The full segment from The Daily Show is below.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Hurty Sanchez
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity

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Monday, October 04, 2010

CNN Goings and Goings...

After Rick Sanchez was fired last week, we are hearing of other CNN'ers leaving the network.

Insiders are telling us that Afghanistan correspondent Atia Abawi has left the network. Her bio has been removed from the website. CONFIRMED: CNN spokesperson: "We have parted ways."

It looks as though former CNN En Español New York-based and CNN Domestic Atlanta-based correspondent Inés Ferré has left the network. Inés has been removed from both the CNN and CNN En Español bio pages and she recently tweeted about new beginnings. She has also recently launched a portfolio website of her work on CNN.

Recently, CNNi iReport for CNN and fill-in anchor Errol Barnett headed back to the United Arab Emirates to fill-in as host on Prism. Could this mean that Stan Grant has left the network again or moving elsewhere within the network? Developing...

TVNewser is reporting that CNN Beirut bureau chief Cal Perry has left the network. They have his full E-Mail to the staff in which he states that he has decided that it is time to leave the network.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

CNN Recognizes October Bullying Prevention Month

CNN, in association with Turner's Cartoon Network, will present special coverage on bullying as part of the fifth annual National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Center for Bullying Prevention.

CNN's commitment includes a town hall discussion with Anderson Cooper.

Details of CNN's town hall discussion are included in a press release from Cartoon Network.

As part of a larger commitment to the anti-bullying efforts, CNN, sister network to Cartoon Network, which has to date covered numerous stories about the rise and growing concern over bullying in America, will also recognize October Bullying Prevention Month by presenting an Anderson Cooper 360° Town Hall event the first week in October, along with the network’s previously announced month-long series of stories on the victims, perpetrators and root causes of bullying which will air across CNN and HLN. Renowned and award-winning journalist Anderson Cooper will welcome government and education leaders, parents groups and child behavioral experts from top universities and non-profit institutions to discuss the many issues and concerns surrounding bullying.

“Bullying recently has been designated by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a national health crisis,” said David Doss, senior executive producer for Anderson Cooper 360°. “Taking a hard look at the causes, effects and, most importantly, the alternatives that kids, parents, teachers and other adults can take is what we’re most interested in exploring. Along with Anderson, it is our hope to help individuals learn that there are options available that can help put an end to bullying, particularly at such severe levels as we’ve seen in recent months.”

“We are extremely grateful that other organizations are joining us and proud to be expanding our efforts with CNN and Anderson Cooper on this crucial issue,” said Snyder, whose responsibilities also include all businesses within Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media Group. “Our goal is to get these messages in front of kids wherever they may be—watching television, using their computers or at school in their classrooms.”

Read the full release from Cartoon Network here.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Rick Sanchez Out At CNN

CNN today fired Rick Sanchez after comments he made during a radio interview on Thursday. Brian Stelter details the backstory and today's events...

CNN said in a statement Friday evening, “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.”

Mr. Sanchez’s comments came Thursday during a contentious conversation with the comedian Pete Dominick on satellite radio. By Friday afternoon, a
recording of the conversation had circulated widely on the Internet. He had appeared on the radio show as part of a tour to promote his book, “Conventional

In the conversation, Mr. Sanchez, who is Cuban American, repeatedly suggested that he had experienced subtle forms of racism in his television career.

CNN says the 3pm - 5pm block, formerly hosted by Sanchez, will be filled with an extended CNN Newsroom for the "foreseeable future."

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