Tuesday, August 31, 2010

International Observations

Playing catch-up with several recent notables from CNN International...

* Justin Armsden, London-based World Sport presenter, has left the network after 10 years.

* Back|Story host Michael Holmes is currently in Iraq; he'll be reporting on the official pullout of U.S. combat forces from the country. Related promo is here

* CNN International has commenced marketing 'World Business Today'. The first promo for the current incarnation of the show is for Asian audiences.

* Connect The World introduces a new interactive feature this week called, 'Global Connections'. Each week, viewers will be asked to find the connection between two random countries. Learn more about the weekly segment here.

Several hours across the day have been reformatted. The main change has seen two editions of World Business Today extended to 60 minutes (from 30 minutes), and the 0600 GMT World Report also extended from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The new weekday schedule - introduced last Monday - is below.

0000 GMT - World Business Today w/Colleen McEdwards & Pauline Chiou
0100 GMT - The Situation Room (delayed broadcast) (Monday: World View - 0100 / Taped feature -0130)
0200 GMT - Anderson Cooper 360 (Monday: Taped feature - 0200 / Taped featured - 0230)
0300 GMT - World Sport (tape)
0330 GMT - Taped feature
0400 GMT - World Report w/Pauline Chiou
0430 GMT - Back|Story (replay) w/Michael Holmes
0500 GMT - World Report w/Rosemary Church
0600 GMT - World Report w/Rosemary Church
0700 GMT - World Business Today w/Andrew Stevens & Charles Hodson
0800 GMT - World Report w/Zain Verjee
0830 GMT - Taped feature
0900 GMT - Larry King Live (delayed broadcast)
1000 GMT - World Report w/Monita Rajpal
1030 GMT - World Sport
1100 GMT - World Report w/Kristie Lu Stout
1130 GMT - Taped feature
1200 GMT - World Report w/Kristie Lu Stout
1300 GMT - World Business Today w/Andrew Stevens, Charles Hodson & Maggie Lake
1400 GMT - International Desk w/Isha Sesay
1500 GMT - The Brief w/Jim Clancy
1530 GMT - World Sport
1600 GMT - Prism w/Stan Grant (Friday: World Report)
1630 GMT - Taped feature
1700 GMT - International Desk w/Hala Gorani
1800 GMT - Quest Means Business w/Richard Quest
1900 GMT - World One w/Fionnuala Sweeney
2000 GMT - Connect The World w/Becky Anderson
2100 GMT - Back|Story w/Michael Holmes
2130 GMT - World Sport
2200 GMT - World Report w/Anna Coren
2300 GMT - World Report w/Anjali Rao

The refreshed schedule brings with it a couple of new anchor rosters:

* Rosemary Church has moved from weekend duties and been appointed anchor of the 0500 GMT World Report on weekdays. Rosemary is also currently hosting the second hour until a new host is named.

* Zain Verjee moves back to anchor the 0800 GMT, as well as host of the monthly 'iList' series.

*Don Riddell has moved back to sport duties to anchor World Sport and host the monthly 'Living Golf' program.

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