Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Jon Stewart Talks Rick Sanchez

Jon Stewart used his show last night to respond to comments made by former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez last week.

Stewart, who spent the first 9 minutes of The Daily Show on the Sanchez story, said, "Now I want to clarify something here. We weren't making fun of Rick Sanchez because of some slight to his ethnicity. It's just that we here see him as kind of a complex television character who is flawed, but fascinating to watch every week."

Stewart then went on to play a tape comparing Rick Sanchez with Michael Scott - the fictional character from NBC's 'The Office'.

The segment ended with Stewart commenting, "I think the guy's [Rick Sanchez] got a good heart. Perhaps even CNN will now be looking to use his vacated timeslot to get in touch with their better Sanchez and starve parasites like myself by putting on quality news and discussion."

The full segment from The Daily Show is below.

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