Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CNN International Leads Across Europe In Latest Survey

CNN Press Release: CNN was today confirmed as the top television news brand for reaching the highest earners in Europe with “advertiser ready” content across television, online and mobile combined. The news comes as Synovate releases the annual results of the European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS), which this year incorporates mobile reach data for the first time. In the inaugural year of measurement, CNN’s mobile content reaches more affluent “advertiser accessible” Europeans than any other commercial international news channel.

These results round off a bumper 12 months for CNN where the brand has enjoyed leadership results amongst international commercial news channels in EMS Middle East and EMS Africa. Over the past year, CNN has also made a robust investment in its mobile business as demand for news across multiple platforms grows.

Jonathan Davies, Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, CNN International commented: “These results demonstrate the unwavering strength of the CNN brand across EMEA and underline the value of an integrated sell across an important geographical region for advertisers. The availability of mobile data is a significant leap forward for advertisers who now have a robust, platform-inclusive commercial benchmark that mirrors audience consumption habits”.

About the data

CNN dominates cross-platform reach (TV + Online) in EMS main, representing the top 13% of Europe’s earners including corporate investors, opinion leaders, frequent travelers and business decision makers; a key set for the network’s advertisers as they seek to connect their brand with upscale audiences. In EMS main, the CNN brand reaches 40.5% of the audience, compared to the BBC (40.1%) and Euronews (31.6%).

Mobile represents a robust opportunity for CNN to extend its audience amongst Europe’s elite. When mobile is added to TV and web, CNN’s reach increases from 40.5% to 42.3%, registering the highest incremental increase across “advertiser enabled” platforms amongst all international news channels. At 42.3%, CNN’s full cross platform (TV + Online + Mobile) reach, leads the BBC brand (42.1%) and Euronews (32.8%).

“This result is a validation of the investment CNN has made in bringing its compelling, sponsor ready content to new mobile audiences via strategies like the launch this year of our CNN International iPhone app”, added Davies .

** 52% of the BBC’s mobile reach comes from UK residents, who have no advertising available to them when they are in the UK.

** CNN Mobile platforms refers to CNN and CNN Money, which are both advertiser-supported sites.

** All reach figures are monthly.



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CNN is acrossing the europe its great to see the survey report but CNN is geat and popular channel in the people not only in europe but also in Asia , it has a great no of popularity in the society ....

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