Friday, March 11, 2011

CNN's Continuing Coverage Of Japan Earthquake, Pacific Tsunami

CNN continues breaking news coverage of the earthquake in Japan. The network has advised of their current deployments and coverage plans for the rest of Friday.

CNN Press Release: An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan on Friday, triggering tsunamis and sending a massive body of water filled with debris that included boats and houses inching toward highways. A tsunami in the Pacific was moving closer to other shorelines in other countries like Hawaii and Guam, said CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera.

CNN's Tokyo-based correspondent Kyung Lah (@KyungLahCNN) has been covering this story since it broke in the 1aET hour. CNN's Seoul-based correspondent Paula Hancocks (@phancocksCNN) has also joined Lah in Japan. Both teams are currently en route to Sendai, Japan, which is located near the quake's epicenter.

Additional CNN correspondents heading to Japan to cover this developing story include:

CNN Hong Kong anchor Anna Coren
CNN's national correspondent Gary Tuchman
CNN's Atlanta-based correspondent Martin Savidge
CNN en EspaƱol's Fernando del Rincon
CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O'Brien
CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN radio correspondent Steve Kastenbaum

Watch video from CNN's Tokyo bureau while the earthquake struck:

CNN International started broadcasting breaking news at 1am ET live from Tokyo and Atlanta.

CNN started simulcasting CNN International at 1.12am ET when the extent of the earthquake became known.


CNN International/CNN-US simulcasts

Friday, March 11 (all times eastern):

3-5p.m. John Vause and Brooke Baldwin
5-7p.m. Kristi Lou Stout [sic] and Wolf Blitzer
7-8p.m. Kristi Lou Stout [sic] and John King

CNN-US primetime will be live throughout the evening:

8:00 pm In the Arena
9:00 pm Piers Morgan Tonight
10:00 pm Anderson Cooper 360

*Subject to change.

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