Thursday, May 06, 2010


CNN Press Release - As the polls across the United Kingdom close at 5p ET today, tune in to CNN International or watch online at for in-depth reporting and analysis of the closest general election in nearly two decades. Viewers in the U.S. can also watch this special coverage live via CNN’s iPhone app.

Leading the coverage from CNN’s London bureau will be ‘Connect the World’ presenter Becky Anderson. She will be joined by veteran political reporter and commentator Robin Oakley as well as a team of CNN reporters spread across the capital.

Zain Verjee, Charles Hodson and Phil Black will be camped out at the three major party headquarters: Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. As the results start to filter in this evening and into early Friday, they will be on hand to bring the reactions from the heart of each of the parties' campaign hubs.

At the Palace of Westminster, Richard Quest will be joined by Max Foster, who will be stationed at No.10 Downing Street, and senior security correspondent Paula Newton, who will report from Westminster Bridge. Meanwhile, Sasha Herriman and Atika Shubert will be capturing the reaction of the general public and finding out what key issues influenced their vote.

And with the result of the 2010 general election still uncertain and the prospect of a hung parliament looming, could this uncertainty create more instability in the financial sector? CNN's business correspondent Jim Boulden will be gauging the reaction of city workers on Friday morning.

For the latest news and video highlights, visit CNN International's election site at and follow the network’s UK Election team on Twitter @UKelectionCNN.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all the promotional ads and hype, CNNI failed to deliver with their coverage I'm afraid.

It was flat with energy, looked awkward with Becky sitting in an empty studio, Richard with stickers and cardboard, and when they reported the results, they were well behind - up to 20 minutes at times - BBC, Sky, ITV, Al Jazeera etc.

5:43 AM  

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