Wednesday, May 05, 2010

CNNGo launches as new monthly show with its first edition from Shanghai

CNN Press Release - CNNGo is a new monthly show featuring a unique take on global destinations, bringing views from genuine insiders on what gives dynamic cities in Asia and beyond their distinctive buzz. Taking its lead from the digital, whether you’re a local, a business or leisure visitor, or even just a cultural voyeur, CNNGo delivers the best of each city by those who know it best.

In the first show from Shanghai, that means hearing from some of the city's most influential and knowledgeable local characters. Beyond the usual tourist hang-outs, wise-cracking Comedian Zhou Libo gives us a tour of one of Shanghai's coolest old teahouses that once served as his training ground. Up and coming photographer, Tang Ting, takes us to a former slaughterhouse turned art space while China's most widely-read blogger, Han Han, shares his thoughts on the city he calls home.

CNNGo also delves into the city's small but vibrant music scene and Shen Hongfei, the man with the power to make or break Shanghai's new restaurants, takes us out for dinner. One of the world's fastest-changing cities has never looked, or sounded, more intriguing. You can guarantee that as CNNGo heads across the region and around the world, you’ll learn more that is new than you ever thought possible about some of the world’s best known cities.



Thursday May 13 at 930am
Friday May 14 at 430am
Saturday May 15 at 9am, 330pm & 930pm
Sunday May 16 at 330pm
Monday May 17 at 330am

Central Europe Time

Thursday May 13 at 1030am
Friday May 14 at 530am
Saturday May 15 at 10am, 430pm & 1030pm
Sunday May 16 at 430pm
Monday May 17 at 430am


Thursday May 13 at 330pm
Friday May 14 at 1030am
Saturday May 15 at 3pm & 930pm
Sunday May 16 at 330am & 930pm
Monday May 17 at 930am

Hong Kong/Shanghai/Singapore

Thursday May 13 at 430pm
Friday May 14 at 1130am
Saturday May 15 at 4pm & 1030pm
Sunday May 16 at 430am & 1030pm
Monday May 17 at 1030am


Thursday May 13 at 530pm
Friday May 14 at 1230pm
Saturday May 15 at 5pm & 1130pm
Sunday May 16 at 530am & 1130pm
Monday May 17 at 1130am

CNN International is a 24-hour news channel which reacts to live events and breaking news. Therefore, program schedules are subject to change at short notice.

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