Monday, May 24, 2010

CNN Pays Tribute to Coalition Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars with Launch of “Home and Away”

CNN Press Release - Continuing to develop innovative ways to present its audience with news and information, CNN is combining the unparalleled strengths of its on-air and online platforms to honor every Coalition Forces casualty in Afghanistan and Iraq. has launched “Home and Away,” an immersive interactive which allows users to learn about and pay tribute to more than 6,000 fallen troops from more than 20 countries. Simultaneously, CNN chief national correspondent John King begins a month-long tribute on his week-nightly 7 p.m. ET program, John King, USA, airing one of the fallen’s personal stories each night. On Memorial Day, a special edition of John King, USA, entitled “Home and Away,” will be dedicated entirely to this subject. Throughout these tributes, King will utilize the Magic Wall to go behind the statistics and provide human faces to the sacrifice.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though I have always followed our war closely, as policy and politically, it has none the less always felt felt remote and very abstract, almost like a dream. I am so grateful to attach the faces to fallen heroes, who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They inspire me toward being a better citizen and neighbor, which by contrast is so little to commit.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Katy Rice said...

I have a husband and a brother who served in Viet Nam--a medic and communications specialist, respectively. I applaud your efforts to put a human face on our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Each war has its label and and each label precipitates a different response, e.g., heroic, empathetic, disgusted, forgotten, empathetic.

Perhaps your efforts will dispell these responses and help people to understand that the ultimate sacrifices of our soldiers are equal--no matter the popularity of the war.

God Bless our Military...

Ames, Iowa

8:12 PM  

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