Thursday, May 20, 2010

CNN Digital's April Numbers

CNN Press Release: CNN Digital No. 1 News Destination in Total Minutes, Video and Mobile

In April, CNN Digital ranked No. 1 among ALL Current Events and Global News sites in several key metrics, beating properties such as MSNBC Digital, Yahoo! News and Fox News Digital.

No. 1 in Total Usage Minutes
: 825 million minutes, 292 million more than No. 2 MSNBC Digital and 325 million more than No. 3 Yahoo! News.

No. 1 in Video Streams: 115 million total streams, beating No. 2 MSNBC Digital by 1.7 million streams. CNN Digital was also No. 1 among all News & Information Sites. (Source: Nielsen VideoCensus, Apr-10)

No. 1 in Time Per Person: 22.6 minutes, the highest time spent among the top 20 News and Information sites.

No. 1 in Page Views:
1.2 billion page views, 13% ahead of No. 2 Wikipedia and 51% more than No. 3 Weather Channel. (Source: Nielsen Online Netview, Apr-10)

No. 1 on Mobile:
With 14.7 million unique visitors to its mobile site in March, CNN Digital beat the nearest competitor, Yahoo! News by 140%. This is the 39th consecutive month that CNN Digital has topped the news and current events category. (Source: Nielsen Mobile MediaView – March 2010. Note: April data not available at the time of this release)

No. 1 in Audience
among all TV News Sites: When compared to its cable news competition, CNN Digital topped them all in terms of unique audience. With 36.5 million unique visitors in April, CNN Digital’s audience was 21% larger than MSNBC Digital (30.1 million) and 148% larger than Fox News Digital (14.7 million).

In a month that brought important financial stories, like the precipitous drop in the stock market on May 6, the CNNMoney homepage generated 32 million page views during the week beginning May 2, 2010, the highest number of weekly page views this year. In addition, CNNMoney’s May 6th Market Report (Glitches Send Dow on Wild Ride) drove 1.3 million page views, making it the highest trafficked market report of the year. (Source:

CNN iReport’s growth in April was also notable, showing double-digit growth over the past 12-months in several categories:
  • Vetted Submissions for CNN (TV or .com): – 1,162, increasing 17% year-to-year (996 to 1,162) and reaching 24% higher than the 12-month average. To date, 26,000 iReports total have been vetted for CNN. (Source: Internal iReport data)
  • Page Views: 18.4 million, increasing 9% year-to-year (16.9 million to 18.4 million) and reaching 27% higher than the 12-month average (Source: Omniture)
  • Videos: 4.9 million served, up 21% vs. prior month, 8% vs. prior year and reaching 47% higher than the 12-month average. (Source: Omniture)
  • Average Daily Return Visits: Grew 11% month-to-month (607K to 672K) and reaching 61% higher than the 12-month average (Source: Omniture)

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