Saturday, May 15, 2010

CNN International News Café

CNN Press Release: CNN International News Café Pops Up in West End

Shoppers, workers and tourists will be able to choose from freshly made food and beverages while consuming their daily fix of news from CNN International using the latest news media and communication technologies. Multimedia news brands including newspapers and magazines will also be available and for hardcore news fans, and curious passers-by, there will be daytime and evening news seminars and events.

The CNN News Café will also serve as a live location for interviews and live broadcasts while punters can create and submit their own news stories via CNN's interactive user-generated iReport booth. This isn't CNN's first foray into the temporary restaurant business. CNN opened the much-buzzed about "CNN Grill" at the 2008 Democrat and Republican National Conventions in the US but this is the first time that the initiative has been coordinated outside the US.

Mark Haviland, CNN's Marketing Director says: "We are looking to take our product and ideas direct to our audience, and create a space where people can interact with us and each other around the world, through some of the most innovative communication technologies available. This experiential approach has been developed into an exciting brand sponsorship opportunity as well and as such, we are seeking an exclusive sponsor that will benefit from some highly novel brand activation on the ground.

"It's a fun project and we continue to work on developing the concept and location, with a view to rolling it out over the summer months. We also look forward to working closely with local retailers and be sure that we are supportive of the community around us," he adds.



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