Thursday, August 09, 2007

Observations: New Bios, New Set, Situation Room Fill-In

• Two new bios have been added to Reggie Aqui and Kate Bolduan (Thanks, Bill!)

• Hong Kong's set has arrived. You can view an opening from CNN Today HK featuring the new set at YouTube. I think it's great that they've finally gotten all 3 sets together so that when they switch to Weather it looks seamless.

Carol Costello filled-in for Wolf Blitzer today on The Situation Room.

Mike Galanos has become a correspondent for Prime News with Erica Hill on Headline News. He's come full-circle with this appointment basically because the two used to host the show together. You can view a video of his first Prime News report here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be called slime news with emphasis on tabloid crap. I wish they would put regular headline news on at 5pm ET.

4:54 PM  

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