Monday, August 06, 2007

Anchors and Reporters

The CNN Radio section on CNN's Anchors and Reporters Page took a big cut this week as they removed a bunch of anchors/reporters from the list. Not sure where they went but Cheryl Castro, Dave Kirschner, John Lorinc, Michelle Wright and others were removed from the site. Cheryl Castro was still anchoring the "Marketplace Update" this morning and Dave Kirschner filed a report during it.

In other news, Internet Corresopndent Jacki Schechner has left the network. Her bio has been removed from the site. While CNN is not commenting on personnel matters, if I find anything out I will let you know.

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Blogger Bill said...

Dustin-they've added a few new bios as well. Reggie Aqui is now a anchor and Kate Bolduan is now listed as a CNN Newsource correspondent. Andrea Koppel's bio and listing are gone. Valerie Morris and Paula Zahn's names are still listed but their bios itself is gone. Will Selva is still listed with a bio.

7:09 PM  

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