Monday, July 30, 2007

New Hong Kong Set Coming!

First on CNN Observations: Confirmation from HK that the CNN Asia/Pacific Operation will unveil their new set in 10 days.

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CNN: MISTREATMENT AND DEATH OF EMPLOYEES Salvadoran journalist Mario Vela passes away 12 days after being dismissed by CNN. AGACAMT denounces the hostile attitude of CNN towards employees on disability. Jose Ramon Cotti, Puerto Rican journalist dismissed by CNN, remains in a hospital after months of pain. Atlanta. - Salvadoran journalist Mario Vela passed away 12 days after CNN dismissed him. The company fired this worker despite the knowledge of the seriousness of his illness. Mr. Vela had been agonizing for several months in Washington after his doctors declared there was no hope to save his life. Mario Vela and his family underwent the pressure imposed by CNN in his last days when receiving a document in which their rights of denunciation were questioned and conditioned to the signing of a humiliating severance package. CNN served notice to Mr. Vela via mail explaining that he no longer was to have his disability benefits and the medical insurance from the company. 

Mario Vela who passed away at age 34, was named by the mayor of Washington DC “the journalist of the year of 2007” recognition who was emphasized by his support to the Hispanic community and towards the under-privileged. With more than 10 years of experience Mario Vela was news director of Mega Communications and Radio Capital 730 in DC. Vela worked for Channel 30 of Univisión and Radio World in Maryland. AGACAMT wants to bring to the world’s attention other serious cases of labor harassment and mistreatment at CNN as in 2003 the local press of Atlanta related this network with the depression of a journalist who committed suicide. (see original editorial of the Mundo Hispanico about former news director Abel Dimant). The complaints of labor abuses and irregularities had been communicated to Mr. Jim Walton, the President of CNN, but there are no answers neither solutions to protect the victims. AGACAMT denounces that “this it is not the unique case of a journalist dismissed by CNN in a serious condition”. News anchor Jose Ramon Cotti remains in a hospital in Georgia after several months of pain. The Puerto Rican journalist also was dismissed by CNN while on disability awaiting a delicate heart operation. CNN brought Mr. Cotti and his wife to Atlanta from New York 9 years ago and the company has now totally forgotten this family, not even making a phone call to inquire about its employee’s condition after double bypass surgery and leg amputation and also after Mrs. Cotti’s hospitalization with health problems including stress related condition. This prestigious New York radio journalist, recipient of Several prizes including two awards from ACE. (Award of creative excellence) is just another one of the numerous victims of the dramatic crisis that shakes CNN.

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