Monday, December 04, 2006

Rogue camera

Just a couple of minor observations from the start of today's Your World Today on CNNI at 1500gmt.

* Some camera troubles early into the programme. Michael Holmes was introducing a report, with the camera looking at him only, and the three top stories backdrop behind him. However, the camera was continously panning to the left, which was obviously unintentional and uncontrollable. This caused Michael to have to turn and slide the chair along in time with the camera simply to stay in shot! It looked very odd and uncomfortable indeed!

* Something I've noticed since the new set was introduced in Atlanta. There is a new star of every show - the floor manager! Since the new set, many wide shots of the set from above the weather screen (looking towards the main desk) are often used, with the floor manager clearly visible, and usually poised to give the anchors their cue. After the headlines rundown at 1500gmt, YWT started with one of these shots. In it, you could see Michael Holmes and Rosemary Church at the desk in the distance, and the floor manager explaining something emphatically to weather anchor Lola Martinez directly under the camera.

* They actually went to Lola very early into the bulletin, as the main story was adverse weather in the Philippines. At 1503gmt they cut to this same shot (while the anchors talked to Lola in-show), and you could see the floor manager again standing poised at the side of the anchor desk, waiting to talk to Michael and Rosemary off-camera. I wonder if they now get paid more, as they are now on-screen members of staff!

* Incidentally, I don't ever remember seeing a floor manager at the new London set.


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