Friday, December 01, 2006

TJ Holmes Has Arrived....

After co-hosting the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom for a few months now, TJ Holmes finally has a bio at You can learn more about him here.

Other updates include moving John Roberts' bio from the Reporters M-Z section to the CNN section, and adding a bio for newly-hired Bangkok correspondent, Dan Rivers.

Also added, a bio for Havana-based correspondent, Morgan Neill. He replaced Lucia Newman when she left the network to move to Al-Jazeera International in early 2006.

Jill Daughtery becomes US Affairs Editor for CNN International and her bio was moved from Executives to Reporters A-L. The second paragraph of her bio states that she still oversees news and feature programming produced in Hong Kong... which I'm sure needs to be updated.

They still haven't removed bios for Josie Burke (New York-based Sports Correspondent) and Kelly Wallace (New York-based Corresopndent) who are no longer with the network. Rusty Dornin's bio still mentions she's based in San Francisco, when she's been based in Atlanta for quite a few months now.

Have you noticed some of the pictures don't match on the Espanol bios and the English bios? Here's an example. Maria Asuncion Desax-Guerrero (English) Maria Asuncion Desax-Guerrero (Espanol). Could be that they forget to update the Espanol side when updating photos. (You probably don't visit the anchors/bios page as much as I do... and yes... there is no point to pointing this out, really.... and notice on the title line of the browser on Maria's Espanol bio, it says Daniel Viotto. lol... yes I am nit-picky!)

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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