Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hala in Beirut, Jim in Rio

* I noticed a report on CNN Pipeline Pipe 1 at 2125gmt on Friday from Hala Gorani, who was in Beirut. No doubt she is there to cover the aftermath of the assasination of Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel. She covered the breaking news of his death from Atlanta on Thursday. She'll go on to Dubai into the early part of next week

* Also on travels is Jim Clancy, who will be fronting CNNI's Eye On Brazil all of next week, and will be contributing special reports and programming from Rio de Janeiro during Your World Today. Viewers in the USA should be able to catch some of this between 12pm and 1pm ET (1700-1800gmt) Monday to Friday on CNN/US.

* During Business International on CNNI this Friday night, I noticed the London set being used more. Becky Anderson moved away from the main anchor desk and conducted a three-way interview from the interview podium to the left of the desk (the same position used for International Correspondents) at 2225gmt. One guest was sitting across from her, and the other was on the plasma screen. This is the first time I've seen an anchor break free from the desk in London during a newscast.

* Speaking of International Correspondents, although I didn't get to watch it properly I did notice that the London set is already damaged! I couldn't help but notice, behind one of the guests, several black scrapes along the white of the set, and what looked like a chunk which had come away. Shoddy workmanship?!

* And a couple of cock-ups to end with. Before the 0030gmt Saturday airing of the Daily Show with John Stewart on CNNI, we had a "This has been an encore presentation of the Daily Show". It has? I didn't think it had started yet.

* Finally, at the end of the simulcast of Larry King Live just before 0300gmt on CNNI, Larry announced that coming up next John Roberts was standing in for Anderson Cooper on AC360ยบ. Then, Anderson Cooper appeared with guests Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams and someone else whose name I can't remember. I think someone lied to Larry!


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