Friday, November 24, 2006

CNN Radio reports in the UK

Just having a conversation right now about CNN Radio, and it got me thinking - the CNN Radio feed (intended for affiliates) is available internationally, including here in the UK via the Astra satellite. I firstly wondered to myself why this was. I'm sure it's used extensively in the US for radio newscasts by affiliates, but not so much outside the States.

But then I remembered last night. At 6pm I was listening to the Classic Gold radio network, on the way to work, and heard a CNN report from Michael Ware in Baghdad. I'll be honest - it's the first time I've heard a CNN report on British radio for quite a while.

I've always thought CNN Radio should be pushed a bit more though. Keep the affiliate feed, but in this age of internet media surely now is the time to launch a public-aimed version of CNN Radio. With live newscasts and feature programmes. The new podcasts go some way to filling that void, but I'd be much more likely to listen to a radio station than download a non-live podcast.


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