Friday, November 24, 2006

Various introductory miscellanea

Thanks to Dustin for the fantastic design of this site!

Hopefully someone will find at least some of this interesting reading. The majority of my contributions will be pointing out the little details that most people won't notice, or probably care about! I'm a presentation enthusiast, and CNN - with its many studios, anchors, programmes and emphasis on live programming - is extremely interesting from that point of view.

I have access to the following CNN services: CNN International (Europe stream), CNN Pipeline, CNN Radio and CNN Turk.

So here, as a first post, is a good example of the kind of thing I'll be writing about in future.

* First of all, as most viewers to CNNI will know, London and Atlanta launched new sets last month, with Hong Kong still using their old set. No evidence of any new set in progress there, however I've noticed that the backdrop on the screens behind the anchors have stopped moving. I can't think of any reason why this is - it isn't a keyed background, as there is still movement in the background.

* Speaking of new sets, of course we no longer see the London or Atlanta newsrooms, right? Wrong. At 0030 gmt, Jim Boulden was speaking live from the London newsroom on the death of Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko. The newsroom was looking as dark as it always has, and not as impressive as it used to - mostly because it's hardly ever on camera any more. Still good to see it's still there though!

* For the first time I can remember, World Sport on the evening of 23 November 2006 came from both Atlanta and London. Mark McKay handed over to Justin Armesden and Pedro Pinto in London for coverage of this week's Champions League action.

* Finally, just a thought. Anyone who has seen the much awaited CNN Future Summit will have seen Richard Quest in that spacesuit. Although I personally like the guy, I do wonder how many people which they could just launch him into space, wave him off, and see how far he goes.

So there we are.. just a few observations as, after all, that's what this page is all about. If that interested you in the slightest - bookmark the page! If not, I'm sorry for wasting your time ;-)


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