Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Live" bug anomaly

On the CNNI relay on CNN Pipeline this afternoon from 1400gmt, unusally we are seeing the "Live" bug at the top left corner of the screen. Usually on Pipeline, the only part of the CNNI graphics we usually see are the straps at the bottom of the page (no CNNI bug, "Live" bug or flipper).

Not sure what the reason for this is - it would appear the bug is being added further down the broadcast chain than usual. However, as you'll see from the image above, it looks rather odd floating in the middle of the screen, without the presence of the CNNI logo.

I sometimes wonder why they don't just leave the full CNNI graphics fully intact on Pipeline, but then again it is nice to get an almost "clean" feed on CNNI too. Any thoughts?


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