Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Live" bug changes

This may have been the case for some time, but it has just dawned on me that the "Live" bug on CNNI no longer has the background of a moving globe.

When the graphics were relaunched earlier this year, for the first time in a decade or so, the globe no longer featured prominantly as part of the on-screen CNNI logo. However, whenever the "Live" bug was up, at the top left on the screen, the background behind the word "Live" was a grey and white moving globe (like the new CNNI logo).

However, this no longer appears to be the case. Now, it appears to be simply the word "Live" in red, within a white box. No globe, no moving parts.

Like I say, this may well have changed a long time ago, but I've only just noticed. If anyone has any idea when it happened, or why, please let us know.

UPDATE: 0825gmt on Monday - the "Live" bug is back to normal, with moving globe background. Looks like it was just a temporary thing.


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