Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nina dos Santos Officially Joins CNN International

CNN International has officially added Nina dos Santos to their anchor and correspondent team.

CNN says as well as continuing to co-anchor World Business Today, Nina will also be a regular substitute host of the network's other business programs, Quest Means Business and Global Exchange.

The announcement from CNN is below.

CNN Press Release: CNN International today announced that Nina dos Santos is officially joining the network’s roster of specialist business correspondents as it continues to deliver first class business programming to audiences around the world.

A familiar face already to viewers of World Business Today on CNN International, dos Santos has also presented the network’s coverage of a number of major news events over the past 12 months. She was part of the team that covered the British Royal Wedding, and was instrumental in CNN’s reporting of the Euro zone crisis – anchoring from the pivotal Brussels and Paris summits. She also reported from Rome as the crisis began to envelope Italy. Elsewhere, dos Santos was the first journalist to obtain a copy of IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s resignation letter following his arrest in New York, and highlighted debate among female IMF staff about whether the organisation should have a woman at its helm.

As well as co-presenting World Business Today, dos Santos will be found standing in for Richard Quest on CNN International’s flagship business programme, Quest Means Business, and for John Defterios on the newest addition to its business stable, Global Exchange.

Deborah Rayner, VP & managing editor of CNN International, said: “We’ve built a vibrant portfolio of business programming here at CNN, and that has been based on highly talented, knowledgeable and engaging presenters. Nina’s business expertise taps into that perfectly and we’re delighted to welcome her as a permanent member of the team.”

Nina dos Santos added: “International business is at the heart of so many of the biggest stories around at the moment, so it’s wonderful to be part of an international network that follows it in such depth and detail.”

Before joining CNN, dos Santos worked as a freelance correspondent for NBC News. During that time she covered the Amanda Knox murder trial, Pope Benedict XVI’s historic visit to the U.K, and the longest ever professional tennis match – at Wimbledon. She has also worked for Sky News and Bloomberg, as well as Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times.

Dos Santos holds a BSc in Biological Sciences from Imperial College London and a Masters in Economics. She also speaks English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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