Friday, January 20, 2012

David McKenzie Reports On 'Chocolate's Child Slaves' In New CNN Freedom Project Special

In the latest installment of CNN's ongoing "Freedom Project" initiative, David McKenzie investigates what is happening to children working in the Ivory Coast's cocoa fields.

The special premieres today (Friday) on CNN International at 2000 GMT, with replays scheduled to air across the weekend. Details on additional airtimes, as well as a preview of the program from CNN, is below.

CNN Press Release: The CNN Freedom Project presents 'Chocolate's Child Slaves'

A decade after agreements and pledges were made to end the worst forms of child labour in the West African cocoa plantations, CNN’s David McKenzie in a CNN Freedom Project investigation travels deep into the heart of the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest cocoa producer, to find out exactly what progress has been made.

In September 2001 after a series of reports highlighted human trafficking and physical abuse in West African cocoa farming, which supplies an estimated 35% of the world’s cocoa, the global chocolate industry signed the Harkin-Engel Protocol, or ‘Cocoa Protocol’ an international agreement to end child labour in the production of cocoa. However, ten years on after the protocol, with the promised certification system that would ensure chocolate was free from the worst forms of child labour still not in place, CNN exposed, an industry which remains, for the majority, unchanged. What they discovered was shocking: a human trafficking network and farmers using child labour and a country bitter from an industry offering low prices and little more than broken promises.

Chocolate’s Child Slaves premieres Friday 20th January 2012: 8.00pm GMT.

After the premiere, CNN's Becky Anderson and Richard Quest will host a panel discussion with experts in the field of forced child labour in the cocoa industry.

Questions for the panel can be posted here or you can use #endslavery on Twitter as well as visit the CNN dedicated Freedom Project website, where CNN’s David McKenzie will be available for a live chat.

Additional air times on CNN International include:

Saturday 21st January 2012: 1400 GMT
Sunday 22nd January 2012: 0200 GMT, 0730 GMT, 1030 GMT and 2130 GMT.
Tuesday 24th January 2012: 0400 GMT, 1030 GMT and 1730 GMT.

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