Friday, June 24, 2011

Wake Up Call Goes Global

As noted earlier this week, Wake Up Call with Ali Velshi premieres on Monday. We now know the show will simulcast for 30 minutes on CNN International, Monday to Friday. The program will run for 60 minutes on CNN Domestic.

CNN International has amended its schedule slightly to accommodate the live simulcast from CNN Domestic. The new lineup for CNNI is as follows:

0800 GMT - World Business Today
0900 GMT - Wake Up Call with Ali Velshi
0930 GMT - Taped programming
1000 GMT - World One (replacing World Sport and taped programming)

In addition to retaining anchoring duties for World One, Zain Verjee will also provide international news updates for Wake Up Call. The program is also tipped to feature crosses to CNN International's Hong Kong bureau for finance updates as Asia's market day wraps up.

UPDATE: Wake Up Call will not air on the Asia-Pacific feed of CNN International, according to the latest schedule update from CNN. This is the second time in recent weeks where the Asian feeds of the network have split from network programming** to alter the schedule to better adapt to regional timezones. **The Asia feed doesn't take The Situation Room simulcast, airing an hour of World Report in its place.

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