Monday, June 20, 2011

Ali Velshi's Wake Up Call

TV Newser reports that Ali Velshi's new 5am show will launch next week.

Called “Wake up Call,” the show will run from 5-6 AM ET Monday-Friday starting June 27. CNN has committed to the program through September 23, 2011.

Meanwhile, Inside Cable News questions what CNN has planned for the slot post Velshi :

Maybe the ol’ tin foil needs replacing but I don’t think that date was chosen at random. It was chosen for a reason. But what’s the reason? I would tend to think that September 26th, the following Monday, is too far off to possibly be the launch date for Erin Burnett’s show. But CNN has dragged out launches before.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE PROGRAM! Really, it's completely unwatchable. Why am I waking up to "endocannabinoids" as my word of the day?!?! CNN, please bring back the international news at that hour!!!!

5:57 AM  

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