Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Integrates Facebook

CNN Press Release: Facebook Social Plugins Enable Online Audience to Recommend, Share and Comment on CNN Articles, Videos, Blogs and iReports with their Facebook Friends

Continuing to press its advantage as the No. 1 news and information site, and today launched site-wide integrations of Facebook Connect and new social plugins. The enhancements will incorporate multiple ways for and users to seamlessly recommend, share or comment on the news site’s content with their friends on Facebook, as well as see when their friends have recommended, shared or commented on content.

“Today it’s possible that people may be more connected with their friends on Facebook than they are to the people they see every day, and sharing what interests you most with your friends online has become a form of cultural currency,” said KC Estenson, senior vice president and general manager of “As one of the most trusted sources of original reporting, CNN is uniquely positioned to reinforce the connections between Facebook friends. We hope this effort will make our brand even more personally relevant to our audience.”

In 2009, CNN and Facebook joined forces and enabled millions to experience the Inauguration of Barack Obama right alongside their friends directly on The unique collaboration set a new record for the largest live video event in Internet history.

The latest chapter in CNN’s partnership with Facebook makes and even more personalized and social, reflecting users’ activity directly on the sites through several tools, including:

Global Facebook Connect authentication
The core functionality behind Facebook Connect, which allows users to log into with their Facebook account, integrating with their CNN Member Services profile.

Homepage Activity Feed
On the right side of the homepages of and, there will be an Activity Feed featuring a combination of actions from the aggregated audience as well as a user’s Facebook Friends, depending on the preferences of the user. profile page activity module
On a user’s profile page on, they will be able to access more friend activity data, similar to what is available on the homepage module. In addition to managing their personal settings on the site, users can see more of their friends’ activity and interactions with the site.

Recommending Story Pages, Videos, Blog Postings and iReports
Whether logged into or connected to Facebook through, users are able to “recommend” and share CNN articles, videos, blog postings and iReports with one click, as well as add a comment to their recommendation. Once a user takes an action, it will publish in the homepage personalization module and the news feed of their Facebook profile. Further, if a user includes a comment while recommending or sharing, the news feed item will be more prominently displayed on the user’s Facebook wall. This feature will also display avatars of a user’s Facebook friends who have recommended the story, as well as the total recommend count.

Facebook Connect in NewsPulse
Late last year, the U.S. edition of unveiled NewsPulse – an intuitive filtering tool enabling users to search the site’s most popular articles and videos by topic or keyword, as well as read, watch or share that content without leaving the NewsPulse experience. In addition to being sortable by popularity, number of comments and time published, NewsPulse now can be sorted according to the number of times a piece of content has been recommended or shared through Facebook Connect.



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