Monday, April 12, 2010

CNN International's 'i-List Georgia' Postponed

In light of the death of Poland's President, and 96 others, in a plane crash on Saturday, CNN International has postponed this week's planned instalment in the monthly 'i-List' series.

CNN statement:
We will be reporting extensively from Warsaw over the coming days to bring our viewers all the dimensions and implications of the tragedy, as the country enters a week of national mourning.

At the same time, we feel it right to postpone our planned week of programming from the Republic of Georgia, scheduled as April’s monthly instalment of CNN’s ‘I list’ strand, as Georgia itself declares a day of mourning in sympathy at Saturdays’s events.

As a global news provider, our focus is on giving the big international news stories the space and time they deserve, and which our viewers expect. In the circumstances it is only right that CNN deploys all its available resources in this part of the world to cover the immediate tragedy affecting Poland and the central European region.

We remain fully committed to our plans for I-list Georgia but feel our extensive coverage will be more appropriate at a later date.

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