Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fixing America's Schools

CNN Press Release: CNN Newsroom anchor, Don Lemon, interviews U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a dynamic town hall about America’s schools.

Sec. Duncan answers questions straight from parents, teachers and students on the realities they face everyday ranging from school facilities and safety to standardized testing.

“Fixing America’s Schools” premieres Saturday, April 17 at 7 p.m. (ET) and replays on Sunday, April 18 at 6 p.m. (ET) on CNN/U.S.

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Blogger PPD3066 said...

Dope in our schools, to substitute hope.
Look, we need special schools here in Philly. They dope up our children then stick them in regular classes in hope they can cope like other students. The school district do not have trained regular teachers or the time in these classes to handle a child with ADHD, LD, or other special need problems. Philly schools need help with special programs for special need children. These children are pushed through the system as a part of no child left behind. Or pushed in some type of prison school classified as a child with a serious behavioral problem. This is all because there is no funding set-aside for these children special needs issues. Handling of special need children is horrible. Example: The General Birney Elementary School at: 9th and Lindley Ave. Philadelphia Pa 19141 their student’s starts out in the school yard at 8:20am. But. Instead of the students hearing a pleasant buzzer or whistle to get line, with a NTA’S soft-spoken voice. They hear A Bull Horn blasting the tone of a prison or police siren. This is followed be an abundance of screaming and hollering at the students. Inside seems to be somewhat kiosk. Too noisy you can hear teachers screaming at students in the corridors. Lunchroom activity is an animal house for students, not organized what so ever. Students playing and running in this dangerous area. Student’s bathrooms are a disgraced to use. No teachers or NTA’S in the schoolyard to supervise the students leaving school for the day or arriving to school. It also appears there are no interaction relationship with the Crossing Guards on a daily base at the school street corners and the staff of the school. This must stop within our schools. We cannot expect our students to achieve through educational learning, if there are no true real understanding showing or coming from that environment, in which they are expecting hope. So, I guess some educators are right! Let’s continue to give our kids “dope” they are not learning anything anyway, it will substitute for hope. Look,
Down with the dope in our schools, to substitute hope.

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