Thursday, April 15, 2010

CNN International Unveils UK Election Coverage Plans

CNN Press Release: With the world watching, CNN International focuses on global impact of British General Election

As the British General Election unfolds, and its impact on the UN Security Council and the European Union is anticipated in capital cities around the world, CNN brings a unique and global perspective with the most in-depth coverage of the foreign policy issues facing the next government on Election Day, Thursday 6th May.

CNN’s coverage also focuses on the international impact that domestic issues like the economy and immigration have on the debate, while closely watching the individual leaders and political personalities, the media headlinesandthe political twists and turns of the election.

On-line CNN’s British Election homepage is the place for the latest news and reaction as the election campaign unfolds and will have insight from CNN’s correspondents around the world on how the election is being perceived in the capital cities across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

In the UK, CNN’s coverage includes a fully interactive multimedia train journey from south to north to take the pulse of the electorate, a series of profiles featuring families either moving to or from the UK , and the factors influencing that decision.

Canvassing a range of contributors - experts, invested families and businesses, as well as its own reporters from around the world - CNN asks guests and viewers which leader’s policies will best serve international interests; how best should they combat these three controversial areas and how will those decisions impact the global community at large?

Online and on air, there are CNN indicators tracking market reaction to events, where the smart bets are going, and who is covering what in the international media, as well as viewer commentary on how much people are or are not engaging with this particular election.

Deborah Rayner, managing editor CNN International Europe and Africa said: "The result of this election will determine Britain’s place in the world, particularly in economics and foreign policy. The use of new technology, social media and the advent of televised debates will also be fascinating and we will be closely reporting their impact on the campaign. We’re excited to invite and reflect international comment on the leaders, their performance, their promises and ultimately, a knife-edge race of the kind that hasn’t been witnessed here for a generation.”

About the programming:

CNN will be delivering on its network promise to ‘Go Beyond Borders’ by taking the issues that dominate this general election to viewers around the world – on all platforms. The network has lined up families and businesses in central and eastern Europe, Africa, USA, Asia and beyond for an ‘outside in’ take on the manifestos.

Televised Debates
CNN will give full coverage to the advent of personality politics and live televised debates and has appointed an international group of panellists WHO will be judging the performance of the wannabe leaders as they thrash out the issues on domestic, international and economic policies.

Role of Technology and Social Media
Leading the social media and new technology analysis for CNN is Zain Verjee, previously the US State Department correspondent during the 2008 US Election. She will monitor social networking content to evaluate what Britain has learned from the Americans and keep track of how the UK campaigns use the web in what promises to be a landmark election for the UK from a technology perspective.

CNN's 'backpack' train reports
CNN International takes to the railways, with Canadian Paula Newton touring Britain to hear from people on how they are engaging with politics in this election. CNN invites the electorate to direct her journey by posting comments at or @UKelectionCNN. Paula will respond and report live at any given time through a specially modified backpack that allows for 24/7 live broadcast capability.

CNN’s Team of Correspondents
Correspondent Atika Shubert will go to the heart of immigration issues in Barking/Dagenham, Calais and Lancashire; senior international correspondent Nic Robertson will report on the ‘special relationship’, who the EU most wants as leader and what implications for Afghanistan and beyond; Richard Quest and his business team will take the temperature of the financial centres in Germany, Hong Kong and Wall Street who seek to dethrone the United Kingdom as world leader.

The lighter side of the campaign – from posters to sound bites to political jousting - will be brought to viewers by Max Foster and analysed by Robin Oakley, veteran UK Political Correspondent, and Becky Anderson and Richard Quest will lead election day reporting itself.

Go to or follow @UKelectionCNN on Twitter and tell us what YOU think puts the Great in Great Britain.

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