Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CNN’s coverage of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the People’s Republic of China

CNN Press Release - ‘TALK ASIA’ features exclusive interview with two Chinese ‘Taikonauts’

As part of its coverage to mark the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, international news network CNN features an exclusive in-depth, half-hour ‘TALK ASIA’ interview with two of China’s pioneering ‘Taikonauts’ - Yang Liwei and Zhai Zhigang.

The network also reports live from Tiananmen Square on October 1, bringing the morning’s military parade, President Hu’s speech and the evening’s gala and fireworks to its viewers in more than 250 million households around the world. Beijing-based correspondents John Vause and Emily Chang also contribute special reports looking at issues including China’s challenges in the next sixty years, the growth of the country’s military power, and the threatening problem of corruption.

Online, the dedicated website section at has a multimedia special on Chairman Mao's birthplace of Shaoshan, featuring an audio slideshow on the memories and impressions of tourists and local residents alike. CNN’s Eileen Hsieh also recounts the celebrations of the 60th anniversary in an online newscast broadcast in Mandarin which will also be available at

As part of the exclusive ‘Talk Asia’ interview, Yang Liwei and Zhai Zhigang give CNN a tour of the Astronauts Center of China and sit down with senior international correspondent John Vause to recall the moments they made history, before revealing what’s next for the country’s space exploration program.

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Blogger Mike said...

in fact, instead of that CNN and certain "west media" always do "negative stories" about China which always said by Chinese media, CNN has few critical reports on China ... using a Chinese word-- Hexie!(very "harmony ")...

I do believe that in certain level, Time Warner's huge market in mainland China does infect CNN's coverage of China...

2:40 PM  

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