Friday, September 18, 2009

Fox News’ ad today is blatantly false regarding CNN’s coverage of the 9/12 rally

[Editor's Note: FOX News released an advertisement stating that several news networks, including CNN, missed covering the 'Tea Party' story. Here is CNN's response to the ad.]

CNN Press Release
- CNN provided live coverage of the rally in Washington throughout the day Saturday, Sept. 12. CNN dispatched more than a dozen personnel and multiple camera crews, including the CNN Express, to cover the event. CNN’s deputy political director Paul Steinhauser was live at Freedom Plaza, CNN correspondent Kate Bolduan live from the West Front of the Capitol and roved the crowd, CNN’s Jim Spellman provided live hits all day after traveling for weeks on the actual Tea Party Express, and CNN’s Lisa Desjardins was live from the National Mall. CNN’s coverage included numerous live shots and interviews with protesters and newsmakers, including Sen. Jim DeMint who spoke at the rally and Art Gerhart, an activist, who was on the set with Don Lemon to discuss the rally.

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