Friday, February 10, 2012

CNN Weekend Special On Syria

As violence continues in Syria, CNN Domestic and CNN International will present a 30 minute special this weekend. Details from CNN below.

CNN Press Release: Homs: City Under Siege

This weekend CNN/US and CNN International will air a special half-hour documentary on Syria. Narrated by CNN's senior international correspondent Dan Rivers, 'Homs: City Under Siege' takes viewers inside Syria's third-largest city – and a flashpoint in the uprising.

Program Description

Bombs rain down on residential neighborhoods. Snipers shoot at those who dare to leave their homes. Bodies lay in the streets, as women, children, even medical crews are killed. This is how activists describe the scene in what’s being called the capital of the Syrian uprising. Homs has suffered the worst of the violence that has left more than 6,000 people dead since the uprising and government crackdown began almost a year ago. And residents say it’s getting worse. Many are risking their lives to show the world how their city is suffering, by sharing video of the violence that has grown in intensity over the past week. Distressing images and remarkable voices bear witness to the deteriorating situation and the escalating atrocities. Through the voices of those who are living it, CNN tells the story of one week in 'Homs: City Under Siege.'


CNN/US: Saturday, February 11 at 10:30pm (eastern)

CNN International: Saturday, February 11 at 1030 GMT, 1630 GMT; Sunday, February 12 at 0030 GMT, 2130 GMT; Monday February 13 at 0430 GMT

** This version corrects program title and host.

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