Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNN's Coverage Of Tonight's State Of The Union Address

CNN today released details of its coverage of tonight's State of the Union Address. Coverage will be simulcast on CNN International. Details from CNN below.

CNN Press Release: CNN Presents Live Coverage of President Obama’s State of the Union Address and GOP Response

Special Edition of AC 360 to Follow

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer will lead CNN’s coverage of the State of the Union beginning at 8 pm tonight along with John King and Candy Crowley. President Obama’s State of the Union Address will begin at 9:00 pm. The GOP response with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will follow.

Blitzer and King will anchor the special coverage live from Capitol Hill, where chief political analyst Gloria Borger and senior political analyst David Gergen will provide analysis immediately following the address. In addition, senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash will report live from inside the Capitol surrounding the address while chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin provides the latest reports and insights of the president’s remarks from the White House. Political contributors participating in tonight’s special coverage include Paul Begala, Ari Fleisher and Roland Martin.

A special edition of AC 360 will follow CNN’s State of the union coverage and analysis, and will air live until midnight.

CNNPolitics.com will offer extensive coverage and real-time analysis of the State of the Union address with live-blogging on the Political Ticker and reader interaction on CNN iReport. Additionally, the address will be live-streamed on CNN.com/Live, via the CNN App for, iPhone and Android.

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