Thursday, November 03, 2011

New CNN Freedom Project Special: 'Death In The Desert' Premieres This Weekend On CNN International

CNN International this weekend debuts a new special in the CNN Freedom Project series.

In the 30 minute program, "Death in the Desert", correspondent Fred Pleitgen uncovers the horrifying story of African refugees who are enslaved or tortured, while trying to flee to Israel through the treacherous Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

You can read a full debrief on special on here. A preview of the special from is below.

CNN's Freedom Project special "Death in the Desert" airs on CNN International from this weekend at the following times:

Saturday, November 5: 2100 GMT;
Sunday, November 6: 0130 GMT, 1000 GMT, 1700 GMT;
Monday, November 8: 0830 GMT.

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