Sunday, October 30, 2011

Speculation On CNN Morning Shakeup

The buzz surrounding a relaunch of CNN's early morning block is gaining momentum with new reporting over the weekend from The New York Post and The New York Times. (via: Inside Cable News)

On Sunday Page 6 suggested an announcement from CNN on changes was imminent, following an email to former colleagues from Ashleigh Banfield (rumored to be joining CNN once her contract with ABC ends).
Ashleigh Banfield may have let the cat out of the bag on CNN’s latest shake-up. The former MSNBC host e-mailed her ex-colleagues Thursday to hint at a big announcement next week. Banfield is slated to host an early-morning show on the network from 5 to 7 a.m.

Meanwhile, Brian Stelter picks up on earlier reporting from Page 6, TV Newser and Chicago media writer Robert Feder.
The plan, described by three people with direct knowledge of it, will effectively dismantle “American Morning,” which has had about 10 co-anchors in its 10 years on CNN. The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because the changes had not been announced. A CNN spokeswoman declined to comment on Sunday.

Ms. Banfield, at 5 a.m., will have a co-anchor, the people with direct knowledge of the plans said. One possibility is Zoraida Sambolin, who was an early morning anchor in Chicago until this month. Time Out Chicago reported last week that CNN had hired her for a morning anchor slot. Ms. O’Brien, at 7 a.m., may be joined by an ensemble of contributors.

Over on TV Newser, Chris Ariens suggests that any changes probably won't be seen on air until 2012.
The new shows are not expected to hit the airwaves until after the New Year. O’Brien is finishing up a new “Black in America” series for November and, as she told us last month, she plans to take a few weeks off after what’s been a busy 2011. Banfield’s contract with ABC runs through the end of the year.

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