Wednesday, November 02, 2011

First Look: CNNI's Global Exchange Promo Hits Airwaves

We get our first indication of the possible theme to CNN International's upcoming business show, 'Global Exchange', in this 30 second promotion that started running on the network late Tuesday.

It's interesting to see a promotion for the show so early, considering CNN International rarely pre-promotes new live news shows with a produced promotion before it launches. It often takes at least a month before we see any such spots. The only recent examples of CNN International airing promos for such shows before they actually launched would be the pre-promotion periods for (the now defunct) 'Amanpour' and 'Piers Morgan Tonight', even though the latter isn't always strictly live and is produced by CNN Domestic.

It's also worth noting for the unitiated - Global Exchange launches on Monday November 7 on CNN International. This spot, recorded from the Asia-Pacific feed, notes Tuesday as the launch day (due to the time difference).

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