Sunday, November 06, 2011

Anna Coren Re-Signs With CNN International

CNN International anchor Anna Coren has re-signed with the network, according to Monday's The Australian newspaper.

The article goes on to report that Coren will notch up more field work in 2012, with plans for her to do more reporting from the road.

Coren's move to Hong Kong to become a CNN International anchor/correspondent hosting World Report every weekday at 9am looks to have been a sprightly flight from the Today Tonight desk, where she carried the can for stories about grannies in chains.

It was an inspired career move and the fulfilment of an ambition.

"I always wanted to work at CNN," she says. "I remember when I was working for Channel Seven as a US correspondent, I thought I will work here for a couple of years and my transition will be to CNN."

She chased it, as did several Australian journalists working for the global network, including Stan Grant, former Nine reporter John Vause, Rosemary Church and Michael Ware. "They seem to like us," Coren says.

"It's testimony to the fact that Aussies thrive in that environment because we're hardworking and get in there and do it all. They're all-rounders. That's definitely what I want to be."

Coren plans to move from behind the desk more. The Hong Kong-based host has re-signed with the network and plans to do rotations on the road with CNN, including months in Pakistan and Afghanistan next year.

It is some way from Today Tonight. For example, Coren briefly returned to Australia for a half-hour interview with Julia Gillard (which aired last week). It is the first-time the Prime Minister has spoken to CNN. It is questionable whether she would give the time to Today Tonight.

You can read the full story from Monday's The Australian here.

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