Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Observations - week ending August 13, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- HLN has laid off staff ahead of a reformat to afternoons.

- Q&A with CNN International boss Tony Maddox (via: ICN)

- Q&A with CNN Domestic boss Ken Jautz.

- CNN stands by presenter implicated in FBC Media partiality claims.

- CNN iReport from soldier's son goes viral.

- From iReporter to CNNer (and beyond).

- Q&A with Soledad O'Brien.

- The "Ridiculist" from AC360 divides a lot of people. You either love the segment or hate it. There's no middle ground. I'm firmly planted in the latter category, but I have to admit to squealing along with Anderson on this one: The RidicuList: Ander-cat?

- CNN reporter attacked by London rioters.

- Q&A with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

- Piers Morgan about to be pushed out the door at CNN? (via: Johnny $)



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