Friday, July 15, 2011

CNN International Throws Spotlight On Green Pioneers

CNN International will feature multi-week programming event on the pioneers of green, which includes 'Extreme Science', a one hour documentary and 'Green Pioneers', a full week of special reports followed by a half hour special. Details from CNN below.

CNN Press Release: CNN International announced today that the network will unveil a multi week programming event on their next edition of Going Green coming up in July. With the network's promise to take viewers beyond borders, delivering intelligent programming for an interconnected world, Going Green: Green Pioneers follows Green Light for Business, which aired in April, part of a series of four installments where the network brings special reports on the environmental stories that are changing the planet.

"The Going Green franchise continues to grow stronger as there is a heightened awareness and interest in all things green. We hope that our audience is going to be as excited as we are to bring intelligent, relevant and unique programming like we've put together for Going Green: Green Pioneers. We've joined a team of experts who are studying Science in one rarely-explored part of the world, and we've enlisted CNNI's global network of journalists who bring a true global sense to our green reporting," said Katherine Green, senior vice president and general manager for CNN International.

This second edition of Going Green will kick off on July 16 with a special one hour documentary called Extreme Science. Hosted by special correspondent Philippe Cousteau, the documentary will showcase the journey to the Arctic and the significance of the science studied in conditions as low as temperature of 40 degrees. On what will be a mission to understand the changing face of the environment and its biological impact in the species that live in the Ocean, Cousteau joins a team of scientists in a remote polar location where he is witness to the search of clues that will help humans predict the loss of ice more accurately in the future. Living under extreme conditions on the frozen top of the Ocean, Extreme Science brings to viewers the adventure of survival of those who endure the low temps to learn more about the Arctic Ocean ecosystem that will help understand climate change and its impact in life in other parts of the planet.

Extreme Science will be followed by Going Green: Green Pioneers, a week of special reports that will look at the world's pioneers who are standing at the front lines of the environmental challenges to make a difference and create change. From a family working to save the fragile Patagonia grasslands to promote farm tourism to a sustainability school in Indonesia teaching future green leaders, a pioneer in the environmental equality movement in New York, and an unprecedented public awareness campaign in the Middle East and the leader who has put it in place. The series culminates with Green Pioneers, a half-hour program which will be hosted by Philippe Cousteau and will focus on the people who are using innovative ways to tackle today's environmental challenges.

Green Pioneers will be followed later this year by two remaining series: Your Green World and Our Green Future that will include reports ranging from the technology that is being developed around the world to real solutions that are changing the movement of green.

Airtimes (All Hong Kong times)
Going Green: Extreme Science
Duration: One hour
Saturday July 16 at 9pm
Sunday July 17 at 4am, 8am and 5pm
Saturday July 30 at 9pm
Sunday July 31 at 4am, 8am and 5pm

Going Green: Green Pioneers
Starting week of July 18

Going Green: Green Pioneers special
Duration: 30 minutes
Saturday July 23 at 9pm
Sunday July 24 at 4am and 5pm
Tuesday July 26 at 530pm
Wednesday July 27 at 130am

To learn more about CNN's Going Green series visit:

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