Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unique Mirror Art Installation in Germany

CNN Press Release - CNN International has brought a new perspective on Germany with a unique mirror art installation project.

The installations announce CNN’s i-List special on Germany, running from February 21 – 25, 2011.

The “Mirror Lakes” toured through Germany, starting in Frankfurt, passing through Dresden and finally ending in Berlin. The installations drew curious crowds in major German cities and asked them to look at a new perspective of the environment around them. This concept was designed to bring to live the kind of coverage the viewers can expect during the week long special.

The up to 400 square-meter installations were composed of 2.500 polished stainless steel plates weighing 3,5 tons.

The project was conceived by the agency Heimat-Berlin.

The installation and its journey across Germany have been documented in a series of short online-films produced by Superschool in Berlin and Go!TV in Frankfurt:

More perspectives on Germany will be featured in two live shows from Germany from February 21st to 25th and in a half hour “i-List: Germany” special with the highlight of the week on CNN International. More information under: www.cnn.com/ilist

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