Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nancy Grace's Mission: Find 50 People In 50 days

HLN's Nancy Grace last night launched her biggest initiative yet -- a mission to find 50 missing people in 50 days.

Through her HLN program, CNN's network of social media users and CNN iReport, Grace hopes to bring attention to missing person cases that have never been headline news.

CNN has a Q&A with Nancy Grace about the 'Find 50 People in 50 Days' campaign.

CNN: What inspired you to focus your show solely on missing persons?

Nancy Grace: Well, you’re in the news business just like us - although I don’t really think of myself that way, I think of myself more as a prosecutor - and our news cycle chews somebody and spits them out every 24 hours. And I get it. I’m not trashing that because there’s more news to report that people want to know, need to know and should know.

I understand that you can’t stay with a case forever. You’ve got to pick up and move on to the next group of people that need your help. But this is a real chance to go back and pick up those pieces and put them back together again.

When I was prosecuting, I got the satisfaction of being called in on a crime scene, helping to analyze and process the scene, investigate it, take it to the grand jury… after conviction, take it myself to an appeals court and argue it. I could see the end. I would take the case to fruition.

We don’t get to do that. We cover cases as long as there’s news, and when there’s not news anymore, we move on to cases that have news, more people that need to be found. Many of them stick in my mind and in my heart; and my EP [Executive Producer], Dean Sicoli, same way. And my staff, same way. We saw this as an opportunity to try and go back and look at the cases that remain unsolved and try again.

CNN: Does each installment of "America's Missing" focus on one missing person?

Grace: Yes, exactly. 50 people in 50 nights.

CNN: Did the missing persons have to have gone missing recently, or is there no timeframe?

Grace: Absolutely no timeframe. In fact, tonight we may lead off with the case of a female child who’s just gone missing and then go into the main story that we’re covering just so we can get it out there.

You can read the full Q&A here.

If you have a loved missing, or know of someone who is missing a loved one, you can contact the show online or call 1-877-NANCY-01.

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