Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HLN welcomes executive producer for new Dr. Drew show: Burt Dubrow

Here is a look at an note from Bill Galvin, Senior VP at HLN. In this note to staff, he announces the Executive Producer of the new show Dr. Drew set to premiere in the coming months.

To: HLN /CNN colleagues
From: Bill Galvin
Date: January 11, 2011
Subject: Executive Producer Announcement

Please join me in welcoming Burt Dubrow, who will be the Executive Producer of the new Dr. Drew show set to launch this spring on HLN.

For brevity's sake I'll refrain from detailing all of the credits in Burt's illustrious career, a fascinating path that led to EP roles with Discovery, MTV, GSN and ABC, just to name a few. Along the way, Burt became known as an innovator in the daily talk show genre, highly regarded for his ability to launch shows and develop talent. The likes of Jerry Springer and Sally Jessy Raphael enjoyed ground-breaking and sustained success under Burt's creative guidance.

In his new role with HLN, Burt's initial vision for the Dr. Drew show aligns with the network's brand promise and, very importantly, with Drew's own hopes for the show. He’s already started to meet key contacts at his new home base in the LA Bureau and will begin to take the lead in staffing the rest of the show team.

To this day, Burt describes himself as a "student of television," while Drew calls him "a driving force." Scot Safon notes that "Burt has a track record of building very successful programming around top talent...in Dr. Drew, he's getting the chance to break some new ground on the TV landscape."

Burt mentioned to me that he’s genuinely flattered to be a part of the HLN family. Given his long list of professional accomplishments, I believe the HLN family is fortunate to now call Burt one of our own.

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