Friday, January 07, 2011

CNN International Alters Schedule For Piers Morgan Tonight

CNN International has advised CNN Observations of their new weekday schedule for the week commencing January 17 - Piers Morgan Tonight's launch week.

As previously noted, Piers Morgan Tonight will air 3 times a day across CNN International. The first airing is a simulcast with CNN Domestic at 0200 GMT (2100 eastern). The program will also air in the Asian and European primetime at 1200 GMT (2000 Hong Kong) and 2000 GMT.

With the addition of Piers Morgan Tonight, the delayed broadcast of The Situation Room has been dropped from the weekday schedule - although the "best of" The Situation Room is still scheduled for its usual weekend airing. World One, which airs weeknights at 2000 GMT, will move to 1000 GMT.

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