Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CNN Invites Facebook Users to Take ‘The CNN Challenge'

CNN Press Release - CNN today expanded The CNN Challenge,’s interactive online news trivia quiz, to Facebook. The quiz focuses on historical news events and can be found as an application on Facebook and on a tab on the CNN fan page on Facebook.

The CNN Challenge on Facebook features a “beat the clock” format featuring images, video and sound. Online users have 45 seconds to answer five questions with scoring determined by how quickly users answer them correctly.

Users can invite and challenge their Facebook Friends, both in the game and on their Facebook walls. Additionally, users can also compete against their friends and climb the “Friends Leaderboard.” Users leading the “Global Leaderboard” will be featured weekly on the CNN Facebook Fan Page. Once a user finishes playing The CNN Challenge on Facebook, they can click “Go to” to be redirected to the full online version of the game.

The CNN Challenge launched in 2009 as part of the relaunch of the new, and presents trivia questions on both historical news events and the top stories of the week, guided by various anchors from CNN, HLN and CNN International.

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