Friday, June 11, 2010

CNN Wins 'Golden Nymph' For Haiti Coverage

CNN has been awarded one of the most prestigious awards in international journalism - a Golden Nymph - for the networks coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Within 24 hours of the devastating January earthquake, CNN had 8 reporting teams, totalling 34 people, on the ground, with more on the way. CNN's first reports were on air before most military and relief organizations arrived in affected regions.

CNN staff who contributed work in CNN's entry include:

Anderson Cooper
Ivan Watson
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Susan Candiotti
Chris Lawrence
Gary Tuchman
Jonathan Mann
Juan Carlos Lopez
Arthur Brice
Steve Kastenbaum
Neil Hallsworth
Dom Swann
Gil Delarosa
Tawanda Scott
Rick Hall
Phil Littleton
Jerry Simonson
Jonathan Schaer
Leopoldo Massud

Watch video of Deborah Rayner, Managing Editor of CNN Europe and Africa, and Cindy Strand, Director of Coverage - International News, accepting the award.

The award was presented on Thursday as part of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

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