Saturday, June 30, 2007

Attacks in the UK coverage

A busy couple of days for CNN in the UK. Yesterday just before 0700 gmt, CNN International broke news of a suspected attempted car bombing in Central London. CNN/I stayed in breaking news mode for most of the day and evening, with special reports from CNN bureaus and teams on the ground in London including Charles Hodson, Becky Anderson and International Security Correspondent Paula Newton.

Then today, Rosemary Church broke into the start of International Correspondents at 1500 gmt to cross immediately to CNN/US, who were covering breaking news of what is now being called a terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport near Glasgow, Scotland after a car drove straight through glass doors and into the terminal building, bursting into flames. The aiport is closed and all flights are cancelled. CNN/I continued with its own coverage for the next few hours, with Rosemary Church and later Stephen Frazier in Atlanta, with pictures from Sky News and Alphonso Van Marsh contributing live from London.
Live coverage continued past 1900 gmt. At 1900 gmt, in a rare move, Fionnula Sweeney presented World News from the London studio, where the breaking news coverage conitnued. Usually no live programming comes from the London studio at the weekend.
Stephen Frazier took over in Atlanta at 2000 gmt, and both Stephen and Fionnula were anchoring at 2100 gmt as breaking news coverage continued.
(On a personal level, I'm going to bed now so can't watch any more. My parents were due to fly out of Glasgow Airport tomorrow to visit me in London for the first time in 3 years. I don't see that happening now)

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Blogger xgrinch said...

Daily Show (Global Edition) has been also interupted on 4-5 minute from the start by Rosemary Church.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a video from CNN International latest coverage

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