Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CNN Names New Erin Burnett Show

CNN today announced 'Erin Burnett OutFront' as the name of Erin Burnett's show debuting in September. The network also released a teaser promo:

Spud from Inside Cable News doesn't seem to impressed with the spot and breaks down the teaser shot by shot.

Remember those inane pre-launch Parker-Spitzer promos which suggested the show would indeed be as awful as we feared? Promos can positively create an impression or negatively re-enforce one that already existed.

With that in mind lets take a look at the various shots used for the OutFront promo. None of these were accidentally chosen or chosen at random. They were chosen with a purpose and chosen to send a message. It seems that most of these were chosen to define Erin Burnett in terms CNN wanted to play up; specifically her reporting and journalism background. There are not many original ways of accomplishing that anymore. Most of these types of shots have been done so many times, particularly at the local TV news level, that we’ve become desensitized to them to the point that they are cliche.
Read the full commentary from ICN here.

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