Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Observations - week ending July 17, 2011

This is our weekly round-up of the tidbits that didn't make it to a post of their own, but are worth noting, along with news items that we've covered that may need a second look.

- Questions have been growing this week over whether Piers Morgan had any knowledge of the phone hacking scandal, currently gripping News Corporation newspapers in the UK, during his time as editor of The Daily Mirror.

- A UK political blog says phone hacking occurred under the watch of Piers Morgan.

- Piers Morgan pleads ignorance, innocence in UK phone hacking scandal.

- Some UK politicians have called for Piers Morgan to appear at an inquiry that will investigate the News Corporation phone hacking scandal.

- CNN has so far kept quiet on Piers Morgan hacking allegations.

- Piers Morgan bans Ann Coulter for life.

- Turning the tables on Piers Morgan.

- Anderson Cooper debuts new promos for his upcoming daytime talk show.

- Inside Cable News analyzes the bigger implications of Kiran Chetry's move from CNN.

- Robin Meade takes 'Express' train to country stardom.

- CNN International to focus on Climate Change Summit in Durban.

- CNN brings on Ad2One as digital advertising sales agency in Australia and New Zealand.

- ORC International renews CNN polling partnership.

- Anderson Cooper accused of ripping off Snooki segment.

- CNN International launches new monthly equestrian show, 'Winning Post'.



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Six topics with Piers Morgan, come on Troy.

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