Sunday, May 01, 2011

CNN Covers bin Laden Death

CNN Domestic and CNN International are currently in continuing breaking coverage with the news that U.S. forces have killed Osama bin Laden. No word yet on overnight schedule changes from CNN, but we expect CNN Domestic and CNN International to continue simulcasting rolling coverage in the hours ahead.

A rough timeline of how events on CNN have unfolded so far on Sunday night...

- During the 10:00pm (eastern) hour, Wolf Blitzer replaces Don Lemon on air after word broke of an unscheduled announcement from President Obama. John King is in Washington with analysis and additional reporting.

- Speculation on what the announcement could be builds, with early reports from sources suggesting that the U,S. had killed Osama bin Laden.

- Announcement from Obama was timed for 10:30pm (eastern); this was delayed by almost an hourr.

- CNN receives confirmation from 3 intelligence sources that Osama bin Laden is dead.

- Shortly after 11:15pm (eastern) President Obama announced to the world that bin Laden had been killed during a U.S. operation in Pakistan.

Monday Morning...

- 12:08 am (eastern) - CNN Domestic and CNN International continue rolling coverage of the breaking news with Wolf Blitzer anchoring from Washington. Live report from Kabul, Afghanistan with CNN's Nick Paton Walsh. Ed Henry reports from the White House with scenes of crowds gathering at the White House gates and cheering.

- 12:14am (eastern) - CNN security expert Peter Bergen says the death of bin Laden is the "end of the War on Terror". Not clear if Mr. Bergen just mispoke, or whether he meant to say that. It seems to be at odds with what we've heard from his analysis in the past.

- 12:20am (eastern) - CNN Pentagon correspondent Chris Lawrence reports that the entire operation took only 40 minutes, with U.S. led forces practicing attack prior to launching assault.

- 12:25am (eastern) - CNN Domestic says it will continue live simulcast coverage through 1am (eastern). As of now, CNNUS will take the live CNN International broadcast after 1am.

- 12:30am (eastern) - CNN replays President Obama's announcement of bin Laden's death in full.

- 12:43am (eastern) - CNN's Jason Carroll reports live from Ground Zero in New York City where crowds have started to gather and cheer.

- 12:48am (eastern) - CNN airs first video from Geo Newsof mansion in Pakistan where bin Laden was killed.

- 01:03am (eastern) - Wolf Blitzer continues to anchor coverage on CNN Domestic / CNN International.

- 01:05am (eastern) - Chants of "U.S.A., U.S.A." break out behind Jason Carroll while he speaks with members of the crowd gathering at Ground Zero in New York City.

- 01:22am (eastern) - CNN senior political analyst Gloria Borger reports new information from congressional source that bin Laden was shot in the head.

- 01:28am (eastern) - CNN takes its first commercial break since rolling coverage started during the 10:00pm (eastern) hour.

- 01:39am (eastern) - For the first time during this coverage (?) John King uses his "magic wall" to explore area where bin Laden was killed. Abbottabad, Pakistan is a city of around a million people.

- 02:00am (eastern) - CNN Domestic simulcasts continuing coverage from CNN International.



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