Thursday, December 16, 2010

CNN Premieres Two New Documentaries This Weekend

CNN will premiere two must-see original documentaries this weekend. Jason Carroll tells the stories of three soldiers who are currently serving in the U.S Army in 'A Soldier's Story', whilst TJ Holmes looks at how Tiger Wood’s carefully crafted image came crashing down a year ago.

A Soldier’s Story - airs on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm, 11pm, and 2am ET.

CNN’s Jason Carroll follows three people from different walks of life, beginning with the moment they pack their bags through each chapter to becoming soldiers. Taking full advantage of unprecedented Pentagon access, Carroll goes behind-the-scenes to capture the day-to-day lives, triumphs and stumbles – during their transformation from recruit to soldier. Will McLain, from Rosamond, California, enlisted to escape the small town where he grew up. Latricia Rose, a young mother from Columbus, Georgia, sees the army as a way of providing for her family during tough economic times. And, Sgt. Randy Shorter is a father of two and heading back into battle to finish the job he started during his last deployment. These are some of the personal stories behind the deadly war in Afghanistan.

Downfall: The Tiger Woods Story - airs on Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 1am, 4am and 10:30pm ET.

He was the most famous athlete in the world; on pace to shatter golf’s most prestigious title. But one year ago, Tiger Wood’s carefully crafted image came crashing down. CNN’s TJ Holmes talks exclusively to Tiger’s brother, Earl Woods Jr, and alleged mistress, adult entertainment actress Veronica Daniels for insights into the life of the world’s first billion dollar athlete.

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